Welcome to the magnificent blog of Thulo Bhai! Here, you can tune in on the discoveries, reviews, and small enlightenings of Jamaa's newest traveler/writer. Poetry and riddles will be shared here, along with little bits of insight to brighten your day. Feel free to leave questions for Thulo in the comments below. They can be questions concerning him personally, or advice for him to give. Requests for poetry and reviews will also definitely be accepted.

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About Thulo

Hello, I am Thulo Bhai, the snow leopard. I am a traveler who hopes to write articles for the Jamaa Journal on the splendors of Jamaa's lands. In my many travels, I have discovered many wonders that this nation has to offer, and I wish to share them with others. I am a devoted researcher who studies certain fauna and flora, as well as cultural influences. I like to pay attention to small details and small principles that make life more fascinating and beautiful. Also, I am interested in literature and writing, especially poetry and riddles. You will often find me posting things of that sort, as well as updates on where I am and my newest discoveries/reviews. If you wish to know more about me, ask away: I am leaving the rest to be discovered through you.

A Question With An Answer

Lunifer: What is the most saddest thing you have discovered?

Dear Lunifer,

Thank you for posting your question; I appreciate your kindness. Though, I must correct you in the way that you should use either "most sad" or just "saddest." But I can tell you about a discovery I made that might suit your fancy. My sister once offered for me to come along on a thrilling expedition. Yes, I have a sibling, two siblings in fact. For now, though, I will only tell you about the one we are currently speaking of: Niya. Since my siblings and I were all in the same litter, we are mostly equal in age, but Niya was in the middle of us 3. She shares my love of knowledge, and currently works as a Jamaasian anthropologist, studying Jamaa's culture past and present. But she can be a lot more adventurous than me at times. As a historian, she is sometimes invited along on archaeology trips, which she absolutely adores. One time, she had the opportunity to bring me along as well. Our expedition was headed off to Appondale, to an open plain next to a cliff where researchers had hypothesized an ancient battle had taken place. Niya and I were assigned to search the cliff. While I chiseled away, I suddenly heard a crumbling noise, and what seemed to be a squeaking shriek. I turned to see that part of the cliff had fallen in on itself, and Niya had been pulled in. Before I could react, I saw her head emerge from the opening, with only a few bruises and scratches. She had found a cave opening. After calling in others from our exploration group, we ventured further in. The cave definitely had something to do with the warring tribes, since many pawprints and pictures were found on the floor and walls.


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