Once upon a time, in a galaxy, far, far away, where no man has gone before-


Uh...I would?


Okay, okay let me try aga-

No, give me the stupid movie...

Okay then..

Template:PG-13! Contains some swearing!

-Also spoilers!-

New College? Hmm..

Amelie sighed. Why did she, Amelie the Dragon Rider, have to go to college? She'd rather be practicing magic with Sunburst back home at The Fallout..

She slowly entered the bulding. The sign above says:

Dreamer's Keep: The School For The Fandoms, The Fans, and The Dreamers.

~Timeskip: 10:15 AM~

"Would all students please come downstairs to the cafeteria? Welcoming assembly!" A female voice came over the speaker, laughing at the end.

TechSaur and Kawaii immediately stood up. Their classmates, Amelie, FoxStray, and 13 Deaths stood up too.

"Alright let's get going.." The teacher, Brom, said, mumbling.

(Yes I know Brom died in the second book but who cares? Wait..I cried at that part..)


Wait.. Brom as in from Eragon?

Yes Italic. Now shut up and watch the flipping movie!


~5 minutes later~

"Hello all!" A cheery voice bounded over the stage and grabbed the microphone. "My name is Headmaster Moonbear, but you can just call me Moon!"

Tech leaned over and looked at the students around her. There were the ones she knew from her first hour, and a few others. She noticed a group of boys in the corner and went to introduce herself. After all, what's a school good for if you don't make friends?

"H-Hi!" She called and waved. "I'm Tech! You guys are..?"

The one with slightly pointed ears and a bright blue sword strapped to his belt spoke first. "I'm Eragon, the first Dragon Rider of my generation."



Jesus christ Italic, we get it, you knew!


The second one, a man in a red outfit with yet another sword on his belt, the pommel having a ruby in the center spoke. "I'm Murgtah, Eragon's half-brother!" Murgtah ruffled Eragon's hair playfully. Tech turned to the last man, who was sitting with a girl wearing a bright red flower in her hair.

"I'm Jasper." He introduced himself and shook Tech's hand. "And this is Rose, my friend." He playfully slung his arm around her shoulders before she shrugged them off.

"I can speak for myself, y'know!" She said, and turned to Tech. "Anyway, you've met the two biggest flirts there is in school." She smiled and laughed at Jasper's and Murgtah's expressions.

"Attention everyone! I'd like to introduce your teachers!" Headmaster Moon said, and the students quieted down.

"First off, we have Brom, our History of Lands, Wars, and Languages teacher!" Brom stood up and nodded to the students before sitting down.

"Next, the Science and Math teacher, Prof. Lupin!"


Harry Potter. Real smooth Author.

Hey, she drew a mind blank for a teacher, so shut up!


"Our third teacher, Madame Star, cannot be here right now, but she will return tomorrow, she is our Culinary Arts teacher." Moonbear continued.

"Our fourth teacher, Prof. Flitch is in his room right now. He's a bit of an anti-social, but he teaches about Mythical Beings of lands." She smiled. "Now, off to your next classes!"

Amelie glanced at her schedule. She had Science/Math. Turns out, Tech, Kawaii, Dragonheart, Eragon, and Murgtah were all in it too. Amelie walked up the stairs but bumped into a boy.

"Sorry!" Amelie said and looked up at him.

"It's alright!" He replied happily and helped her up. "Name's Seth! I'm from the Fablehaven series! It's pretty awesome! Anyway, I need to get these batteries to the Newel and Doren.." Seth raced off.

Welll.. that was odd.. Amelie mused and went to her class.

New Friends!

~Timeskip, lunch~

"Shystar!? I didn't know you're going here!" Kawaii crowed and tried to hug her friend.

"'Ight, 'ight, enough Kawaii..." Shy grumbled, pushing her friends away. "I just came 'ere, about 15 minutes ago. I swear to the Dwarven gods- oh my god." She stopped abruptley, blinking.

"I-is that Eragon?!"

"Yep!" Kawaii smiled. "He's pretty popular, too!"

Shy just sighed and plugged in her earbuds to her Ipod. Bon Jovi quickly started playing, and she hummed along happily.

"SHY!?" Came a call of three, er, four voices.

"The smeg!?" Shy fell over and landed on the floor, grumbling.

"Hi Shy!" Called Amelie. TechSaur and Nikki raced over to her, seemingly dragging someone in a black coat.

"'Ight, who's the per-" Shy froze.

"Hello love."




"Shy, stop giving me the-"

"SMEGHEAD! YOU BLOODY SMEGHEAD!" Shy cursed, and slapped him across the face.



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