There were 4 teenagers:

Bob, 14 years old, the leader of the group, who had a burning heart and a good feeling for leadership;

Amy, 13 years old, the youngest of the bunch, really agile but reckless;

Josh, 15 years old, the old and wise one of the bunch;

Liset, 14 years old, the one who saw everything, from traps to hints on walls but could be impatient when stressed.

This group of teenagers had set out on a mission to find an artifact, which had been in an old maze-like temple full of traps. No one has ever come far into the temple without turning crazy for some reason, so Josh recommended to wear gasmasks against potential gas traps.

The artifact was a crystal orb, not too special at first, but it was magical. It was made of ruby, sapphire, topaz, emerald, amethyst and amber swirling into each other with a diamond core. It shone faintly in the colors occupied by the gemstones.

When they arrived at the temple, Liset immediately noticed a cord hooked up to a gas dispenser, confirming the gas trap theory. The group stepped over the cord with no problem, and almost stepped on a pressure plate, which Amy just about dodged. Then they saw a lever and Bob almost pulled it, but Liset stopped him and pointed at some wires.

Then they came at a hole, which wasn’t too deep, but had something magical about it. They jumped in and were all teleported to different places. They all stressed out for a bit, but realized there could be traps everywhere so calmed down and kept their head at what they had to do. First they all found a room with a floor made of special tiles. Bob didn’t notice this and stepped on the wrong tile, and fell in a big hole. Amy fell, but managed to grab hold of herself on the actual path, and finished the room. Josh knew this was not a normal room so he looked closely, and saw the different tiles and knew he could step on only them. Liset obviously saw it, since she saw everything, like the hints on the tiles.

In the next room there was a quiz which Josh passed easily, Liset took it, but just barely made it and Amy just hadn’t had this schooling yet and fell into another hole, which she couldn’t avoid in any way since the whole floor just crumbled down.

Liset and Josh where getting a bit nervous at this point and came into the next room. There was a crystal rainbow colored sphere. Josh didn’t trust it and found out there was 1 gem type missing. But Liset was stressed and became impatient and took the sphere directly. This time it wasn’t just a falling floor, but a huge explosion. It broke open the wall to Josh, and killed everyone but him. While Josh saw his dead friends he also saw the original Sphere, shattered on the floor. The magic escaped and a bit went into his head, giving him abnormal powers. With these powers he sensed a zombie apocalypse and to avenge his fallen friends, he made an exoskeleton and coated it with a thin layer of the sphere’s material , which still had magic properties. This made the exoskeleton almost invulnerable. He designed this exoskeleton after the storm trooper suit from star wars, since he’d always loved that movie.

When the zombies came he wasn’t fully done with the suit yet, so he had to fight them with the basic weapons he had, while installing the advanced ones on the suit. A couple of times he almost got killed, but knew to rescue himself with an advanced fighting art he had learned as a self-defense. When he finally finished, he had a drill on his right hand and just a normal hand on the left side. With this exoskeleton, he simply fought off the zombies. Then he came across the zombies of his fallen friends, and he burst into tears. He couldn’t kill his friends! So he opened his exoskeleton and let himself fall down in front of his friends, since that would be the only way to be reunited with them again….


Dreamer: NightshadeTheWolf

Special Thanks: Squazzil for proof reading.

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