//Writers Note: Nightshade didn't actually dream this, this is a self made sequel on the first Dreaming Wonder. I liked writing that story so much that I decided to make a sequel, I hope you enjoy (^_^)

In this story, Josh has come into the spirit world after dying, while his friends, Bob, Amy and Liset, went to heaven. He had gotten in the spirit world because of the magic that slivered into his head, which made him not able to die, but let him turn into a ghost, never to rest.

Bob, Amy and Liset were enjoying themselves in heaven together, but after a while they realized that something was missing. Or rather, someone! They soon realized Josh, the 4th of the friends was missing! They asked God where he was and God said he never came to the gates of heaven, because he would have been sure to let him in. God look at his TV that he could use to see anyone, and when he searched for Josh, he saw a dead body. Now they all got confused, since a dead person gets sent to heaven first, before they are either let in or sent to Oblivion. Then they realized Josh had died, but his soul hadn’t, and now he had transformed into a ghost. God had never seen this before and asked if the friends would volunteer to find him. Of course they did! So God gave them the powers of an explorer angel and let them out of the gates. They were the first to leave heaven in a millennium, and God hoped they’d be fine.

Josh was wandering in the Spirit world, a 4th world that was only theorized about and described in books. It was basically a world that overlapped the world, he could see everything in the real world and go through it, but he couldn't touch anything. He dwelled around a little, and then he found a forest he’d never seen in the real world. He thought nothing of it except that humans had never found it before. He went along and tried flying through the trees, but then he bumped into it! He got confused but soon realized this forest wasn't in the real world, it was in the spirit world! He knew this had to be something interesting for him, maybe even allowing him to leave the spirit world! He walked into the forest and followed a path. In the forest he noticed all different types of plants and in the middle, he found an altar kind of thing. On the altar there was a book with plants that Josh had never seen before, with weird names. There was a recipe for a portal to the normal world, but it had plants that Josh hadn’t seen before, so he started searching in the forest.

Meanwhile the friends where flying down to Earth and started searching everywhere. After they searched the whole world for 3 times they knew they wouldn't find him on Earth, so he had to be in another world, that was unknown by even God. Bob had once read about theories of a Spirit world where restless souls would go, which was accessible by making a portal on an altar in Atlantis. So they had to find Atlantis somewhere underwater. And even though they were angles, they didn’t know where Atlantis was and they couldn't fly through everything. So a big search started. Bob found out where the Spartan’s powers came from, it was a special drink from which the recipe was unknown. Liset found actual remains of the Ark of Noah with animals carved in it of animals that humanity didn't even know of their existence and Amy found an island, close to Italy, Europe, where she found a weird gem. It looked like a compass of garnet with an emerald pointer of which the tip lit up. She took it with her just in case and met up with the others. When she showed the compass, Liset immediately noticed that the pointer wasn’t pointing at the North, so it must be pointing at something else…

Josh was searching the woods for the ingredients. He needed a list of things: Polaniba Threyerwar, a kind of mushroom that grows between the roots of trees; A Skellorach, a kind of cockroach with a skeleton around it, which make you terrified if he looks you in the eyes; A tooth of Ialorche, a mythical beast that looks like a 4 headed horse with extremely sharp teeth; The scalp of a Ronnhat, a dragon with a rhino head which was extremely strong and could only be cut with the tooth of a Ialorche, or a kunai of the Slaybaugh; Everything has to be cut in pieces with the kunai of a Slaybaugh, a dangerous small , about 3’ 11’’, human shaped animal with deadly accuracy.  Josh somewhere found some information on a stone tablet that if you die in the spirit world, you’ll go to the Limbo, a dark place of nothingness, so he had to be very careful collecting the materials. Luckily he had trained a lot and had become very agile. Finding the Skellorach was no problem, he found one in a couple of minutes, actually getting it was harder though. It had 2 heads, 1 on the front, and one on the back. Josh remembered how Perseus used a mirror to kill medusa, so he wouldn't have to look her in the eyes. he found a little mirror, and used the same trick as Perseus did. Then the Polaniba Threyerwar, which only grew between the roots on a rare kind of tree, which took him really long to find and then he found out that the roots were really tense.

Meanwhile the friends were following the compass and they ended up in the Kanto region, in Japan, Asia, in an old temple that had fallen of a cliff into the water, sank and managed to stay intact. In this temple they found some golden necklaces and other accessories layed in with emeralds and in the middle there was a pedestal with a garnet compass, but this time there was an topaz pointer in the middle, instead of the emerald one. It was pointing in another direction, than the emerald one, so they decided to follow the topaz one. They were lead to the ruins of Adal Sultanate, Somalia, Africa. These ruins contained a giant maze that no/one had ever passed When they arrived here there was a path faintly giving light which seemed to be caused by the compass. They followed the trail and after they reach the end they came in a room with another pedestal of the same type. Again, a garnet compass, but this time with a pointer of amber in the middle. They left the ruins and decided to take a rest.

Josh had in the meantime found a shovel and cut through the roots of the tree, and finally, after a long and hard time digging, he finally found the fungus he was looking for and took a good piece of it, since it was poisonous and he thought it may come in handy. he found the lalochore, which didn’t put up a real fight. Yes it could bite hard, but when Josh put the shovel in one of his heads and turned it a quarter way, the Ialohore bit really hard, which caused the shovel to go through his palate into his brain, which caused 1 head to die. He repeated this for every head. The forth head managed to break the shovel, but he still died of internal bleeding. He took the shovel head out of the mouth plus a couple of the teeth of 2 inches. Then he decided to find find the Ronnhat, and found one after a long time of searching. He knew this was extremely dangerous but he needed it. So, he made a little fire and put the shovel head on. He backed something that smell amazing, and he put the Polaniba Threyerwar in. He guided the Ronnhat into it by making little sounds, and when the Ronnhat smelled the delicious food, he ate it immediately. After a couple of seconds, the fungus began to do his job and poisoned the Ronnhat, which made him pass out, but didn’t kill him, since there was not enough of the fungus in it. Josh knew this and had no idea for how long the Ronnhat would stay passed out, but he didn’t have enough fungus left for another meal, so he had to do it now! He took his spear, which he made from the shovel’s handle and 3 of the teeth and ran at him with it. He stuck it through the temple of the Ronnhat and just got though his skull, but just not far enough to get it into the brain. He knew that with 1 stab he’d be able to kill it, but then it awoke. This was a bad thing, since he was in clear sight now. So he jumped up into the trees and he threw the spear, but he missed. He now only had a couple of the teeth left as things that could hurt the beast. He dodged a couple of attacks from the Ronnhat and was thinking about what to do. Then he remembered he had to get a kunai from the Slaybaugh and he remembered his attacking style! The Slaybaugh threw little knifes, the kunai, at his prey to kill it. He realized that he could do that with the teeth too, so he threw one at a branch to see how good he was about, and he was surprisingly good! He dodged a couple of times again and tried to take a good position. When he finally got a good position he aimed, but missed. He only had 5 left. Another one missed and another one, but the 4th one finally hit! He finally killed the Ronnhat and started scalping him with the knife he made from a stick and one of the teeth.

Meanwhile, the friends decided to go out again on their quest of following the compasses, following the amber one now, and they came out at the cliffs of The Palisades, New Jersey, North America with trees on top and looking out over a river. The compass kept pointing at 1 spot very close, but they couldn’t find it. Then Liset noticed a faintly glowing path leading to the end of the cliff. They followed it, since this same kind of path had appeared in the ruins too. They found it running of the cliff and then it just stopped. They all got confused, since there should be anew clue here. Then Bob decided to jump of the cliff to see if there was anything there and then they reached a little edge with a cave, again with an illuminating path. They went into the cave and again they were greeted with another compass made of garnet, but this time with a sapphire inside. When they followed this they ended up at the Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand, Oceania, where the compass lead them to a cave. The went into this cave and Liset noticed an arrow trap, which meant there had been building done here by intelligent beings. They surpassed a lot of traps and tests, using everyone’s abilities and finally came to a room where there was air. There was a tree which they climbed and they found a pool at the top with a special, glistering water with in this another garnet compass, with an amethyst pointer this time, with 2 Nudibranch swimming around it, a yellow and a purple one. Bob collected some of the water since it seemed that it had healing powers. The compass lead them to Machu Picchu, Peru, South-America. When they arrived here, a faint light began to shine at Amy’s heart, it had the same color as the sun. then Liset noticed a sign with strange symbol, which said “Welcome to the city for Virgins of the Sun”. They realized that Amy must be a Virgin of the Sun, looking at how she glows. The deeper they went into the city the brighter Amy’s heart began to shine and there was forming a light around her head as well. They kept following the compass and the ended up at the top of the mountain where the city was built on. There was a shrine here with a statue that looked like Amy. On the place where her heart would be was a hole as big as the compass, and someone could step into the back of the statue. It was pretty obvious that Amy was the one that had to stand in the statue, so she stepped in. the friends put in the compass and it started glowing brightly and then a staircase appeared in the ground. Amy got out of the statue and they went in. Amy led the way since she somehow knew how to go. When they came at the end there was a statue of Mary, the holy virgin. She had another compass, one with a ruby pointer this time, at the place of the heart. The friends went out, got the compass with the amethyst and started following the ruby one.

By this point Josh had made some armor from the Ronnhat hide and used the skull as helmet for now. He carried the rest of the hide with him. He was now ready to face the Slaybaugh. He knew this was going to be a hard task, but he knew he had to do it too. After a lot of walking he finally found a Slaybaugh. He tried to sneak up on it, but it had sensed him and immediately threw a kunai. Josh was just able to dodge and knew it was now are never. So he started jumping through the treetops and got hit it his arm once, but the armor blocked most of it. He knew it was time to go in and got his knife ready, made from the Ialohore tooth, and tried coming closer.


Dreamer: NightshadeTheWolf

Special thanks: Squazzil for proofreading and grammar checking

//Writers Note: That's it for now, I'll update this later but I decided to bring it out in parts, since it's gonna be really long.

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