I hope you have all heard my story Dora. If not, read it now, because this is the sequel to it. Well, it all started last week, when Animal Jam added a new item to the shop. A swimming pool. Not a kiddie pool, but a big swimming pool. When I bought mine, I didn't know the dangers I was going to be facing. One day, I invited Dora over for a day at my house. She accepted the invitation. We had lunch, played some games, and then we decided to go out for a swim. I wasn't sure I liked the idea, because I have heard rumors about Dora drowning people. I wasn't sure, so I said 'maybe next time' She seemed disappointed, but said OK. Dora went home, but before she went home, she gave me an invitation to her 189th birthday. I didn't want to upset Dora, so I said OK.

The day of the party

I was waiting at the door. Dora came out to greet me. She told me that there would be others coming. I looked at her cake. It looked good enough. I really wanted to give her my present. A paddling pool. After the cake, we gave the presents. She opened it, and decided we would put it up now. So we did. She lent me a pair of swimming togs, and we climbed in. She told me 'How long can you stay underwater for?' I went underwater. She held me there. I drowned.

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