MEEEEEEEEEEEP Hai everyone :O it is the mystical Rag Doll :3 (STOP BEING CHEESY EVERYTIME I SPEAK) :0) Anyway, so this is a bit different from anything I've ever seen on the wikia, but basically, this is a story about anyone, anything, anywhere, and it'll NEVER END. You add what you want, and you say what you want. However, if you do add an end, it will be deleted. Enjoy! (Btw, if you add photos, GIFS ONLY!)

Meeply was an adorable little kitten that lived by the seashore while her cousin Herpiderp sells seashells. Then some crazy tourists started saying "DANCE MONKEY, DANCE!" So Meeply slapped them. Then she danced.


Suddenly, something grabbed her by her paw with Deal Wit It glasses and said "You're comin' wit me, dawg."



(It's bloody Kosh!)

He was the oddest of sloths you could ever see. He tried to take her but suddenly a random Steve harris burst from the ground and killed the sloth. He then played an epic bass solo for everyone there.

Tumblr static filename 640 v2


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