For billions of years, the earth has been spinning like a dime, with a variety of different creatures on it's continents, that were all once together. Now, it's going into it's retirement, however this retirement wont be the same as others. It will be demolished, wrecked, and ruined. Not to ever be found again. The earth still spins for the present hours but will it last until the future?


Hollis, a 7th grader at Central Middle School usually has her ordinary school-vacation-relaxation days. That's all about to change. It's year of 2017 and scientists have been noticing different effects have been happening on the earth. Not the good kind. On Good Morning America, Hollis learns that the earth will go through a strange phase this year, as discovered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) support team. They've gotten a point of view from the moon, that something is wrong with the earth. It remains classified information for the President of the United States of America.

Chapter 1:

Sunday afternoon in Alabama, Hollis discovered a few intriguing yet odd changes to her location. It snowed in summer, and the leaves changed colors. The seasons seemed as if they were combining into one. One big season, but what? Soon after on Good Morning America News, Hollis overheard there was a tsunami in Hawaii, a hurricane in Florida, and four major earthquakes in California. They were all in the same day, which started to increase Hollis's worryings. She told her mother, Catherine about this.

"Mom, strange things have been happening lately, there were 4 earthquakes in California, a tsunami in Hawaii, a hurricane in Florida, and winter, summer, and fall are all appearing in this month! I know you don't watch the news and think it's dumb, but it's not.."

Catherine sighed "Hollis, quit worrying about lies on the news, you should listen to our weather channel on Christianity News & Soldier Salutations."

Suddenly, a bird struck their window, causing a crack. Catherine screamed and Hollis nearly slammed her head on the floor. There was a stain on the window. They both looked at the broken glass in horror.


" your father.."

Hollis reached for the phone, when out of the blue, the wires started to tear off. A glass of water fell on top of the wires, causing a fire.

"MOM!" Hollis squealed.


Chapter 2:

Coming June 22, 2014.

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