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Yellow Light - Eiravana's Whole Vibe

You may notice I use old/regular English spellings in this, such as "for-ever" and "travelling". Please do not change these supposed "errors", because that is simply the style of this whole shindig.

When she came in they all saw that she donned light blue tail armor, the kind from the diamond shop, black snow-covered boots, a matching black snowflake-patterned scarf, and a lovely, well-crafted red and green Jamaaliday kite.

They also saw a baby-blue halo floating half a foot above her head. It was hard to miss.

"Name?" said the wolf working the salon check-in.

Sitka told the wolf her name.

The wolf peered down at the laptop holding all the appointments. "Birth date.. Decanuary 1 1/2?"

"Yes, ma'am," said Sitka. "It's the half second between December 31st and January 1st. Wonderful month, it is. Chocolate's best then, and that's also how they make the kites so well."

The receptionist raised an eyebrow. "Might you explain why you are wearing a scarf and snow boots in July? And why are they still covered in snow?"

Sitka said something very softly that nobody heard.

Since she was already late for the appointment Sitka was led down to the salon chairs where they do your hair and such.

After the hair appointment Sitka was disgusted by what the stylist did.

She undid it immediately.

On the way to Canyons, she saw a school.

Sitka went to it since she was in need of one.

It felt too warm. She changed her clothes.

Why was it so warm?

July was supposed to be cold.

Sitka made her way into the building and sat down in one of the seats.


The fox watched the tannish wolf with the snowy boots. The teacher clapped to get their attention.

The teacher was a large arctic wolf.

She looked capable of strangling several adults of her own species at a time.

"Today," she said in her brutish voice, "We will be studying geography and longitude and latitude."

She took out a pointer and turned to an art-easel shaped structure with what looked like a scroll on it.

Attached was a string. The teacher pulled it. A full-color map of the land fell down.

"There are four regions in this land, which collectively is called Mu.

"The regions are Jamaa--" she pointed to Jamaa on the map-"Femaa-" she pointed to Femaa on the map.

"The Grotto, The Silver Tip and The Ever Islands." She pointed to these in turn.

The tannish wolf raised her paw. "Excuse me, ma'am, but there's one more. It's a cold land."

"Mt. Shiveer is not its own region, Ms..."

"Sitka, ma'am. I'm not from Mt. Shiveer. I'm from the Frontier of Lumisade."

The teacher raised an eyebrow. "Miss Sitka, I have a degree in geography and I assure you, there is no such thing."

She turned away. "Now, first we shall be discussing our own region, Jamaa--"

"Wait!" said the wolf called Sitka earnestly. "I- I can tell you the longitude and latitude! Lumisade has a town... A-A big town... One of the seven only towns, excluding all the little villages the nomads set up--"

"Very well, then!" said the teacher very irritably, as though eager to get it over with and prove the foolish child wrong. "Tell me the name of this town, and tell me the longitude and latitude."

"The town's name is Ihavet, and I can tell you the motto too, it's Slandor Blir Slandor, and the national symbol is an arctic fox sitting amongst fireflies, and the national animal varies among the town's communities, but it's typically a firefly or a dragonfly, and the national flower is a Russian Sage--"

"Enough!" the teacher barked. "Tell me the longitude and latitude and be done with it!"

Sitka blinked, looking offended, but she also had a look about her that said she was expecting that very reaction. The fox thought the teacher disrespectful, since the wolf was obviously from this land called Lumisade and was extremely proud of it.

"The longitude and latitude of Ihavet is 200° N, 200° W." Sitka said quietly.

"And I know," said the fox, unable to control himself. "I've been there!"

Before they knew it they were both outside the school.

The fox turned to the wolf.

"So... Your name is Sitka."

"Yes. Yours?"

"Er.. Fox."

Sitka stifled a snort of laughter.

The fox shifted. "My parents... Were not very good at names. They're gone now. So."

Sitka tilted her head. "You need a different name. How about... Karniik?"

"I... I like it. Yeah! Karniik. My name is Karniik."


Sitka began to tell Karniik about her homeland Lumisade.

"The fireflies... They're very important to our culture. Where are you from?"

Karniik thought about it. "I... Can't remember anything before I was seven... But I lived in Grand Ravine. They said I grew up somewhere else."

They sat in silence for a while, and Sitka pulled some chocolate out of her bag.

"Here. You must be hungry."

Karniik took it eagerly and threw the whole thing into his mouth.

"This--This is the best I've ever tasted!"

Sitka beamed. "It's from Lumisade, in Decanuary. It's best then. Since my birthday's in that month, I always get a big block of it."

Karniik looked at her, confused. "What's Decanuary?"

"The half-second between December and January. But it's a month in Lumisade, so if you're there when Lumisade is in Decanuary, leave for five minutes, and come back, it's January. So if you want to experience Decanuary, your best bet is to be there in December and then it'll happen while you're there."

Karniik sat up. "I want to go there!"

Sitka blinked. "Really? I'm glad you're so excited... I'd be happy to take you there! But it might be around November, maybe, once we get there.."

Karniik was in love with the culture Sitka had told him about. And he really, really loved fireflies. There was just.. a special connection. He wanted to see fireflies every night. Who doesn't?


"We might need a canoe," said Sitka as they wandered the general stores in the Township.

"A canoe?" Karniik asked, confused. "Why?"

"There are lots of frozen lakes to pass over that have real thick layers of ice," said Sitka with an air of one who had travelled the world many, many times.

Karniik opened his mouth to ask why they would need to use a canoe over a lake that was frozen with lots of thick ice, but closed it. There was simply something about Sitka that wrapped Karniik in such a thick blanket of trust that he was carefree, expecting for Sitka to do all the planning, all the everything, and he could relax and have no worries for the entire journey.

"Okay," he said vaguely, looking around at all the shops and wondering where they could find canoes.

"There's a shop here that I really like. It reminds me of home." Sitka pulled Karniik onto a smaller street to reveal several smaller but ornately decorated stalls and shops.

"Moon Wisteria Court," said Sitka grandly.

She led him to the largest shop in the street, an elaborate but humble nonetheless structure, with what looked like two towers in the back. Beautiful jade walls and a patio captured Karniik's eyes. It all looked rather like a small castle.

Purple, blue, and jade lanterns hung all around. There were cuttings of a large animal with fins on the jade walls. The carving itself inside was blue, and in the carving it seemed to be in a light blue, wintry ocean, with the jade sky and even shiny silver clouds in the background.

"Those are called bowhead whales," Sitka whispered, noticing Karniik staring at the beautiful carvings. "It's one of the really special animals in Lumisade. C'mon, let's go inside, there's even more.."

Sitka was right. Inside, there were beautiful carvings everywhere, of wolflike animals running in snow and deerlike brown animals with huge antlers and broad snouts wandering snowy taiga, brown and white birds perched on their backs; whilst a flowing dark blue creek teemed with leaping green-white fish. They were so enchantingly beautiful, for a moment, Karniik thought they were real, and he was stepping into a lovely, snowy land.

To top it all off, he saw several cages, some filled with elegant, sleek dragonflies whom where perched imperially on twigs or leaves inside of the cages, others filled with enrapturing, blinking yellow lights. Fireflies.

Of course, Karniik understood immediately why Sitka loved coming to this shop. If this was like Lumisade, well, he wouldn't even devour a whole plate of the Decanuary chocolate to stay in Jamaa, the loud, suburban Jamaa, and leave thoughts of going to Lumisade for-ever more.

"Welcome to the Jade Fish," said a voice, and Karniik jumped and looked around. He saw a wolfish animal at a jade counter. He had black fur on the upper part of his body and white for the lower. He had striking blue eyes, and the black fur met with the white in a kind of arc on his snout.

"What are you starin' at?" The wolfish animal said gruffly. Karniik realised that his mouth was hanging foolishly open, like his jaws were coming unhinged. He hastily closed it. "Sorry," he said. "I've never seen an animal like you before. Are you a wolf?"

"Wolf!" The canine snorted. "I know you probably don't know what I am, but I'm pretty rare around these parts. I'm from the... hooman world, or whatever? My species is, at least. All of us got trapped. When the lesser-known alphas Felicity and Jade freed us from our stone, we fled to Lumisade, where the natives were kind and understood us. They're like us. They're animals no one knows at all."

"So... What animal are you?" Karniik asked tentatively. He was faintly aware that Sitka had moved away from him and was examining a few elaborate maps of the lands. "Stupid, forgot to mention that," said the wolfish creature irritably, smacking his head rather hard on the jade counter. He raised his head very slowly, his piercing blue eyes dulled by pain, and it was obvious to Karniik that the animal regretted his decision.

"I'm a malamute. Alaskan malamute. I'm related to wolves and hyenas and the sort." The proclaimed malamute shook his head thoroughly, then looked up at Karniik. "Oh yeah. My name's Soren."

Sitka wandered over to the counter, carrying one particularly nice-looking map. "How much for this, Soren? And we're planning a trip to Lumisade. Could you help us find a good canoe and some supplies?"

"That map's ten køers," said Soren gruffly. "Put it on the counter if you still wanna buy it, and I'll show you the supplies I recommend for a Lumisade expedition."

He showed them some canoes and they decided on a nice, simply decorated birch and sitka canoe ("My namesake," Sitka announced dreamily, pointing at the sitka part of the canoe which was the exact same shade as her fur), which was thirty-five køers.

Sitka explained køers to Karniik. They were one of the common currencies of Lumisade, and they were silver and light blue.

That was why there normally wasn't many animals in the Jade Fish, Sitka explained, because many of the items had the køer symbol on the price tags, and it was extremely difficult and required a lot of negotiating to first have Soren tell the gem conversion of an item, and then actually get him to accept the gems.

Although he was gruff, Karniik grew rather fond of Soren and saw him a lot, as they had to make many trips to the bank and back to Moon Wisteria Court, as Sitka did not normally carry many køers with her. But she would have to cram as many køers as possible into her money-bag, just in case they had to buy more supplies on the road.


"Hold your horses now," Sitka sang quietly as they walked down to the Blue Heron, who would take them to their first stop on the journey. "Sleep until the sun goes down. Through the woods we ran, deep into the mountain sound.."

"What's that?" Karniik asked curiously. It sounded rather nice.

"That's one of my favorite songs, by the Lumisadian band Of Sertnoms Nad Enm. I followed its directions when I travelled here: 'Sleep until the sun goes down.'

Suddenly, a small white cricket jumped up from Sitka's bag. It chirped happily. Karniik noticed there was a basket of grasses strapped to its back. "This is Kvikk," Sitka said. "I got her back at Lumisade."

"When we pass Grand Ravine, we are in the Great Wilderness," Sitka told Karniik as they boarded the Blue Heron. "If you keep travelling north, eventually it gets snowy, and then we will almost be to Lumisade. But there will be one more obstacle....The Forbidden." Sitka shuddered. "It is a patch of woods, and it is haunted by The Beast." "What does The Beast look like?" Karniik asked. "No one knows," Sitka replied. "But when you cross through The Forbidden, you can...feel its presence inside of you. It would go into Lumisade, but there is an invisible border that repels it.

"When we are in the Great Wilderness, it is best to follow the song. Sleep until the sun goes down. It sounds dangerous to travel by night, but it is the safest time. There are many beasts in the woods."

Kvikk chirped again as the Blue Heron began to move. "I won't miss Jamaa Township," Sitka said. "Too busy. Too bustling. It is very peaceful in Lumisade."


The Blue Heron's foghorn blared as they arrived at the Grand Ravine station. Karniik looked around, and shivered. He remembered this place. "It is very foggy here," Sitka remarked.

Karniik remembered the fog, all right. He remembered those shouts when he ran onto the Blue Heron, he remembered begging the operator to go, now.

Sitka brought him out of his thoughts. "Let's have some food and explore a bit. I wonder if anything's changed." Karniik hoped something had changed. He hoped nobody would remember him.

They went to a cafe and Sitka tried to pay the shopkeeper køers, but he had no idea what they were and wouldn't accept them. Thankfully Karniik had a lot of gems on him for emergency money (before he had learned about the køers) and they got to eat.

After that Sitka went into a nearby store and was amazed at all the mountain and camping gear. As Karniik bought some boots with steel spikes on the bottoms and brought them to the older-looking cashier, Sitka grabbed a few blankets that were on sale.

"I could make blankets," said Sitka. "We don't need these."

Karniik didn't remember Sitka packing any knitting or sewing materials.

"Trust me," she said firmly.

"All right," said Karniik finally.

He turned to the cashier. "I'll take these.." The cashier looked up and seemed to be startled. Slowly, a wide smile spread across his face, he scanned them and then let them leave without even charging Karniik. Which was good, because Karniik couldn't find any more gems in his bag and Sitka was about to pull her køers out.

When they left the store, Sitka laughed to see that it was snowing heavily. She rolled around in it. "This snow is great, but it's even better in Lumisade!" Sitka looked over, and saw Karniik freeze. "What's the matter?" she asked him. Shaking, he pointed. Sitka saw a rather mean scabbard-wielding arctic wolf arguing with a fox. Sitka leaned closer, to hear their conversation.

"...Get out, you mangy idiot, you have no place here..."

"....So that's what you're gonna do, eh, chase me out with the villagers like a beast, like you did with that poor black fox who was only seven years old, four years ago..."

Sitka felt Karniik stiffen beside her, and he attempted to draw her back. Sitka was a lot stronger than she looked and did not budge, even when he pointedly jabbed her in the paw with his heavy boots.


"Don't you call me by my name, you mangy--"

The fox punched the arctic wolf in the face.

Tobbs, the arctic wolf, howled with pain and rage. "I'll make you regret that! I won't make a mistake this time! I'll end your flea-ridden existence RIGHT---NOW!"

But the fox pawed up a large pile of snow, slammed it into Tobbs's eyes, and ran off.

He stopped short, falling over in the snow, when he saw Karniik. He looked up in astonishment. "It's you," he whispered. "It's really you..."

Sitka was confused.

"Cliff... Don't you remember me...?"

Karniik studied the fox for a moment, and gasped. "Flighted!"

Karniik hugged him for a moment. Then he pulled away and said, "My name's not Cliff, anymore. That is the name the Overlord gave me. My name is Karniik.... That is the name my friend Sitka gave me."

Sitka smiled. "It is a Lumisadian name. It means Corn In The Snowy Field."

Flighted nodded. "You need to get outta here...Karniik, that idiot Tobbs who drove you out four years ago, he's--"

"Well, well, well," a voice near them snarled. Karniik was lifted off his feet. He turned to see Tobbs glaring down at him. "Get your filthy paws off of me, you great buffoon," Karniik spat.

"I thought you were...dead," said Tobbs in a voice of mock surprise, dropping him to the ground but stepping on Karniik's tIl to prevent him from running away. "I wished you were dead," Karniik returned.

Sitka took a step forward, shielding Flighted and attempting to push Tobbs's foot off Karniik's tail. "You have no right to harm either of these foxes," she said determinedly.

"A foreigner," Tobbs sneered. "That does it. VILLAGERS! ATTACK THESE HORRORS!"

A gathering crowd had come to watch the confrontation. Out of fear, they rushed back to their houses to grab pitchforks. "RUN!" Karniik shouted, grabbing Flighted and Sitka.

They ran and ran through the town, Karniik always one step ahead of the yowling mob. He searched frantically for an escape route, but there didn't seem to be one.

Suddenly, the old shopkeeper appeared. "This way," he whispered. He led them through an alleyway. At the end of it, there was a staircase. "This leads to the woods," he whispered. "Go."

Karniik and Sitka fled up the stairs. Tobbs turned the corner and saw them, and in an instant he was upon Sitka and dragging her back. Tobbs drew an alpha sword from his scabbard and raised it above the struggling Sitka's head.

With a roar, Flighted launched himself towards Tobbs, getting right in the way of his blade.

Sitka ran and saw Flighted fall.

But there was no time.

They had to run, out of there.


Later, they were in the woods.

Karniik angrily glared at Sitka as they ate the canned beans they had brought.

"You could have saved Flighted," he blurted, finally.

Sitka shook her head sadly. "His fate had been written down."

Karniik was not satisfied with this answer, but instead viciously tore into a can of SPAM and began to eat it raw. Sitka produced two long knitting needles that Karniik had never seen before out of her bag. She also pulled out a long string, threaded it, and threw the needles into the air.

To Karniik's surprise, the needles began to knit the string themselves. The string seemed to grow long and multicolored, quickly starting a large quilt.

"Decanuary," said Sitka as Karniik opened his mouth to say something. "We've nearly missed it, Karniik. It's almost Christmas. In order to pass The Forbidden, we must use the trees to our advantage."

She took a music-sheet out of the bag and gave it to Karniik. "The golden text is the parts you sing."

Karniik struggled to figure out the different notes. They stayed a day longer until Karniik understood them.

So they went.

"When you hear a rustling and a rumbling," said Sitka, "Make a run for it and start singing."

Karniik nervously scuttled behind Sitka. He constantly looked back at the trees to make sure nobody was following.

The forest was eerily silent.

Out of nowhere, he heard a sudden rustling.

Then the ground started to shake. Karniik broke into a run and tripped over Sitka.

She pulled him to his feet, and they ran.

Karniik sang the song. When they got to Sitka's part, the trees almost seemed to rumble.

"Hold your horses now!"


To Karniik's astonishment, the trees swayed and seemed to shout out the next line.

"Through the woods we ran!"


"Hold your horses now!"


"Through the woods we.."


Furious roaring resounded behind them. Suddenly, in the distance, a village came into view, slowly growing closer to meet them.

Karniik continued nervously.

"Some had scars and some had scratches, that made me wonder about their past. And as I looked around, I began to notice... That we were nothing like the rest!"

The trees swayed even more than before.

"Hold your horses now!"


"Through the woods we ran!"


"Hold your horses now!"


"Through the woods we.."


"Hold your horses now!"


"Through the woods we ran!"


"Hold your horses now!"


"Through the woods we.."


The noise behind them turned from growls of frustration to roars of pain. It seemed like the trees were shattering.







Suddenly Sitka and Karniik tripped and rolled simultaneously in the now apparent snow. The roaring faded.

Sitka leapt up. "Well, that was fun, wasn't it?" she asked cheerily. "And look! We are in Ihavet in time for Decanuary!"

Karniik rose to his paws and saw a lot of lanterns and a lot of buildings in the style The Jade Fish was in the distance. Bells were ringing and some young malamutes running around in the snow suddenly turned in their direction and started to yell and run to them.

"Oh, it's Soren's pups!" Sitka cried. "They've gotten so big!" "Sitka! Sitka!" Karniik looked at the pups. They all appeared to have a black or white mark on their fur and a necklace depicting some creature.

The pups leapt at Sitka aggressively and started licking her face. "What a bunch of savages you are!" Sitka's voice was muffled under all the pups piling on top of her.

"Soren had pups?" Karniik asked curiously. "He adopted them," Sitka replied. The pups had now noticed Karniik and were surrounding him, sniffing at his bag curiously. "Sitka!" one of them said. "What are you doing in that form? And is this a fox? The kind of fox you told us about a while ago?"

One of the puppies said, "What kind of fox are you?"

"Oh... I..." Karniik didn't know. "Just a regular fox."

Sitka looked at him. "I'll explain their odd questions once we're inside the cafe."

Several minutes later, Karniik and Sitka had shaken off the puppies and found themselves in a warm, friendly looking room.

"Um, so, you were going to explain..." Karniik trailed off awkwardly. Sitka nodded.

"You see, arctic foxes exist, but they're only here. Because of the phantom invasion so long ago their heartstone, along with many animals here now, was stolen. However, the snow leopards survived this, and hid their heartstone where the phantoms couldn't get it, waiting for a time when they could return to Jamaa.

"They once tried it after the invasion was over, but the first animals who spotted them were a group of young, ferocious animals who hadn't seen Jamaa when all the animals lived together, and didn't trust the leopards. They were chased out, and sent into exile- it was no use to return now as more and more animals who did see Jamaa before the invasion reached the end of their lives, and the snow leopards didn't know about the Alphas.

"So, the snow leopards found many heartstones in their travels, most of which they took to their snowy haven in the mostly uninhabited side of Jamaa- Lumisade. Many animals whose heartstones were taken to Lumisade came back eventually, but many still remain here.

"I am a wolf because- well, I will not blend in as an unknown animal in Jamaa. But I think.. I think I can reveal myself to you now," Sitka finished, watching Karniik for a reaction and then promptly ordering food once the waiter came by.

Karniik stared for a moment, then nodded. "Okay. You can show me."


"Here we are," the figure said softly. "The Stonegrove. Silverwings, please just make yourself at home and wait by one of the lanterns."

The Stonegrove was at the edge of one of the mountains. There were two sections, one part on one mountain and one on the other.

It was like a hollow, stone globe, cut into four quarters. One quarter was on the first mountain- it hung over the large, soft pillows and rugs, which had been set out by previous leopards- the curving stone wall had some large window holes and was weathered, permanent marks of the past.

Large roots of a tree overhead burrowed themselves into the walls. Lanterns hung over the pillows, square-shaped, their soft orange light casting shadows about the rugs and the pillows and the stone as the sun began to fall. Holes in the roof were patched with rugs; a blue table sat in the middle of the pillow circle, and a lantern was atop it.

The other mountain had an area similar to the first, but it was smaller, with less pillows.

Silverwings situated himself on one of the striped orange pillows, trying to burrow himself as far as possible into its soft exterior. He presumed that they were stuffed with snowy owl feathers, but he could not be sure. He hopped a little bit, watching his companion as she started towards the snowy rock columns.

In one graceful jump, she leapt from the pillow area to the nearest narrow rock piece, which had broken away from the original land along with others like it scattered about in the space between one mountain and the other.

Upon landing, she stirred up the thick layer of snow atop the stone, spraying it on her fur under her chin. A few clumps caught in her dark grey fur but she didn't mind it. Leaping from one stone to the next, eventually the figure had reached the other side- which had pillows as well, and lanterns, identical to the one she had started at.

There was a staircase down, leading to an icy slide. The figure tried to maneuver down this smoothly and elegantly, but failed and slid down with her legs slipping about, almost falling into the gap between the ice slide and another bit of rock, but she unsheathed her claws and dug them into the ice before this could happen. After, she jumped back up to a ledge on the first mountain.

Silverwings watched her do this over and over, the bright shimmer of fireflies glimmering about her growing more apparent as the sun's embers died, leaving behind a canvas of deep purple, red and orange spattered across the sky in brilliant strokes.

Finally as the sky turned a deep blue and the North Star showed itself, Silverwings' companion ceased her repeated movements, calmly padding back to the center lantern on the first mountain. She shook her head lightly, bits of snow falling off. The red, tufted fur about her head waved gently in the brisk night breeze as she took her seat next to her companion.

They sat there for a while, eating some food Silverwings stored away, before the figure stood up and padded away. Silverwings took flight, buzzing after her, his blue-green body showing faintly against his bright, amber light.



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