Author's notes: I was just derpin around in Mabel's PM and I got this idea, enjoy this bad story!

Chapter One: A Ordinary Day

It was just a ordinary day, Nunya and Mabel were derping around in some seperate parts of the world, via the chat.

Mabel asked Nunya "What if.. our electronics actually transform into people when no one is in the room? And then discuss stuff?", Nunya responded seriously "I doubt it, I never found some internal arms in Azur.", Mabel was like "Ah, Azur, what if he is actually BEN Drowned?", "Then that's why I feel someone touching my butt at midnight, but there is no one in the room, other than my two laptops, Azur and Gosho, and me.", "Maybe he wants that human booty of yours?" said Mabel in a joking matter, "But Azur is such a wuss! He never goes in a risk to get kicked in the face by a girl!" Nunya responded, until then, her mom was like "NUNYAH GO OUTSIDE!!!!111 U NEED TO SOCIALIZE!", "Oh damn! My mom is being anrgy, see you in a sec!" Nunya rushed and closed Gosho rapidly, and then she groaned and walked outside in disgust.

Chapter Two: Something Happens And Someone Trips Over Their Tail

While Nunya was outside, and her mom was out of her room, there was light emitting from the laptops, some quiet, transformation noise from them too, the light was getting bigger, and bigger, until then, it stopped glowing, to reveal some two figures, one was short, one was just some 10 centimeters taller, they were sitting on those tables, and then they got off from the tables.

Until someone tripped over their tail, which in case, was the short one, who was named Azur.

"Dammit!_Why_do_I_have_a_USB_for_a_tail?!" Azur yelped,

"Sux 4 u, b1g br0." The taller one replied, his name was Gosho.

Gosho then procedeed to help out Azur, his big brother who is just short.

"So,_anyway,_we're_free...._well_for_a_bit." Said Azur.

"Uhhh_so,_how_are_we_going_to_get_past_Nunya's_Mom_without_her_noticing_us?"  He asked Gosho.

"I d0/\//\/0." He replied.

"Soooooo,_hmmm,_let's_just_try_to_run_out_the_door_then?" He asked.

"Sur3, \/\/h41 /\/07?" Gosho responded.

On the one, two, three, OFF THEY GO, outta the door! And oh noes, they get spotted by Nunya's mom, somehow, she transformed into a Giant Enemy Crab, the floor was turning into a boat, and the floor under the so supposed "Nunya's mom" was turned into the sea.

"D4M/\/! H0\/\/ 7H3 H3CKA D1D SH3 D1D 17?!" Gosho shouted at the thing.

"I_HAVE_NO_IDEA!" Azur yelled back.

Somehow, some mouse came in, and said "DESTROY THE WEA-" until it got hit by the claw of the crab, it then flew away into Space.

Our two heroes, or derps, or however you want to call them, tried to fight off the "Giant Enemy Crab" but, like the mouse, they got blasted off to another land.

"TEAM SOMETHING IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" They both said in unison.

They then, landed on.... A island made of... rainbows, and uh.... ponies? 

"Okay,_I_think_the_writer's_being_lazy_as_a_derp_herp." Azur said to Gosho.

"U 1)0/\/'7 24Y?" Gosho replied.

They continued talking about the writer being so lazy, and so, they continued on their... some quest? I don't know what the hell they are doing!

"U MUST SAVE DA WUUUUURRRRLLLLD!" Some annoying fairy said.

"W47 w0rl1)?" Gosho asked the annoying fairy.

"THIIIIIS WUUURLD!" The annoying fairy yelled in his ear.

"WH04 WH04, C41_M Y0R D3RPS!" He said as he fell on the grass.

Gosho then managed to swat the fairy or fly DEAD ONTO THE GROUND.

He got up, shaked the dust off, SUDDENLY, he was in a other world.

"0K, 1 7h1nk the writer's going WAAAAY too lazy." He then shrugged.

At Nunya's place

Nunya rushed back to her apartament door, got in her room, only to find, two teen-looking human-like creatures laying on the floor, their eyes wide open, and foam coming out of their mouths, their expressions were very suprised.

"Uh. MOOOOOM? Why is there two dudes in my room?" She asked the nothing-ness.

And as it was said, there was, NO ONE in the apartament, only the girl, and the two teen-looking human-like creatures.

"Ooookay then." the girl said to the air.

She then noticed some stuff was missing, what was it.. oh yeah! The two laptops were missing.

"Hmm? What happend to them?" She asked herself.

She then noticed they looked like those dudes she always draws.

"Oh damn, could this be? Oh helllll no, no no nope nope nope." She nope'd to herself.

She then approached the guys, and decided to try to wake them up, by shaking them, of course, but something happend...

"Huh? Why am I feeling... so trippy...?" She said as she then fell onto the floor.

She then, woke up in some land, she wasn't a human anymore.

"Ugh... I can't feel my hands and arms and EVERYTHING" She said as she then, saw her body, which then looked like a octowolf's body.

"Huh? Why am I some wolf with octopus tentacles? and where the hell am I?" Nunya asked herself.

Until then, some creatures came to her, one was a very tall man with a long dress, rainbow arms, and a big smile with sharp alligator-like teeth, and the other one was a bunny-like girl with a skirt and a unicorn horn.

"You're in raveland, my dear." The tall man said to the girl that turned into a octowolf.

"Raveland?"  The octowolf asked.

"Yup, Raveland." The girl with the unicorn horn said.

"And what you are now is... a octowolf, a wolf and a octopus mixed together." The girl with unicorn horn continued.

"Uh, okay then... So uhm, what are your names?" Nunya asked them.

"Well my name is..." The girl with the unicorn horn started to say, until the tall man interrupted her.

"Her name is Bamboo, and mine is Glit." Glit continued.

"Oh okay then... But, how am I here?" Nunya asked Glit.

"We have no idea!" both Glit and Bamboo said.


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