A random buddy request.

That`s where this whole thing began.

I guess I`ll begin on that faithful Tuesday night, where this all began.

I was wandering around Mt. Shiveer, when a basic arctic wolf came up to me, and sent me a buddy request, while making the smile emote. I declined, because I don`t accept random buddy requests, and also because back when i only had my non-member koala they were bullying me. The Arctic Wolf made a "happy" emote, and said:

Emote:smile :

I went to my den, and locked it. I was uneasy, despite it being online. Even so, the Arctic Wolf came in and repeated the happy emote, and again, said Emote:smile :

I logged out, because I am easily scared. But i suspected it was a minor hack, nothing bad.

But next morning, when i logged on, I noticed the server i was on was named: HAPPY FUN TOWN :D I was terrified at this point, and i shed a tear. This was WAY more then a minor hack. I wanted to go on another server, but when i opened up the server selection, there was only another one. It was titled: SAD BORING TOWN D: . I went on, and a pop up appeared, saying: arE YoU SUre?:D

To be honest, I didn`t think about what might happen after...

The screen turned black, and started making blood-curdling screams and blood on the screen. I was scared as hell. The screen said: Why are you scared, Thespellpunk? It changed to: We are normal people. Don`t be scared. We are just people like you, but yet you are scared, Thespellpunk. We know where you are, friend. We shall arrive soon. Have fun, as this is your last night in life. You will soon be one of us.

I was about to slam the laptop but I only noticed that the webcam was on. "WHAT THE HELL?!?" I screamed.

Then I got a Jam-A-Gram. I opened in fear and the text said: Emote:smile : and the background, my room...

I have not turned around yet, and i`m writing this now to warn you. I just think you should know. I`m turning around. Goodbye.


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