So, I’m sure most of you know the game, Animal Jam. It’s a fun, cute little game where you can play as animals, trade, dress up, you know the usual “Online Game” stuff. It has a checkered history with, well, hackers. You had “Fman” Then “Wretched-Know-It-All” Or whatever, well, here’s my experience with a hacker.

I logged onto Animal Jam, and went to the township. Nothing new, as usual. Until I spotted a Spring Bunny, who was using an emoticon. Nothing weird you may think. I noticed the bunny had a weird dark gray-black color for it’s eyes, and the emoticon had no mouth, no emotion.

I sent them a buddy request. And quickly, they accepted. I asked them to come to my den. I waited, and soon a ‘1’ Appeared on my den button. I went to talk to them.

“Hi there”, I typed.

“Hi”, they responded. 

“How did you do that trick with your eyes and emote?”, I asked.

I waited a few moments, and they just stayed there, silent.

“Want to know how?”, they said, after a few moments.

“Yes, please!” I typed, eager to know how.

Before they could respond a message popped up. “You were gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!” I clicked OK. The game started up, it lagged a little, I checked my friend list, but the bunny was not there, I had a Jam-A-Gram, though.  “Make a Spring Bunny” It said, I already had one, and didn’t feel like messing it up. I went to buy another one, but it didn’t seem right. …What? I thought to myself. I created a new bunny, and clicked the emoticons, no mouths, like the other Spring Bunny, I smiled and went off, tricking people and making them say “Whoa how did you do that!?” I never answered them, and didn’t even know why. On a normal day, I’d tell how I got my items, or did my tricks. Not Today, though. I thought. Everything was going amazing, until it was time for me to take a break, I clicked log off. But, nothing happened. A Message appeared. “I  give you my power, and now you want to leave me? I can’t let you go, my friend.” It said, I clicked OK at the bottom of the message. I clicked “Log Off” again. “You are NOT leaving.” I clicked again. “Give up.” I clicked one more time. “Fine, you want to leave, I can’t stop you… Enjoy your freedom..” It said. I logged off, the log in page looked different, the animals had no expressions or eyes, just dark voids like before. The whole thing was giving me a headache, I laid down on my bed, and turned on the TV, I tried to relax, I now had a pounding headache and my stomach hurt, I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning, nothing seemed wrong I went into the bathroom, as soon as I looked in the mirror I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t, after all, how can you scream without a mouth?