It was a normal day on Animal Jam, I was on the server page and noticed there were a lot of empty servers. Interested, I clicked on one of the empty servers and it flashed with scary images while loading like Greely covered with blood and bite marks. The server was gray when I saw it. There was no sound except for this static that seemed to get louder and louder.

More scary images of the alphas flashed and I tried to log out, but I was trapped in this bloody graveyard of corpses ready to eat me and turn me into them. No matter what I tried I couldn't get out, I even tried to shut down the computer. It did not work. Red, bloodshot eyes gathered around my animal and I saw the leader. They were not just red animal eyes, they were human eyes, I said to the leader, Let me out of this server! The static got loud and I could hear screamimg through my headphones. I gasped at what I saw, the Alphas were dead. The screen went black except for text that read "Become Us". The text faded away to the gray server....

My animal fell into a void which is filled with human eyes. My animal was dead and scary music played when the screen faded to black and more text read and it said "What have you done".

I started crying because I was so scared. I found out animal jam was hacked by the jammer with the username DEAD. The final attack came to my dead animal the screen turned red and a horrible image of a dead jammer flashed and I was logged out and the message said BANNED FOREVER...g

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