Please do not read if you are sensitive to scary stories! I hope this doesn't scare you :P

- Rainbowful12


Enchanted was a lovely Artic Wolf. She was friendly and her player was friendly. Everybody liked her. But then one day everything changed.


Enchanted was bored. Her player wouldn't be on for another hour, so she just ran around Jamaa. She was stuck in Jamaa township in the most boring server. Nobody was around. She jumped around and around, going to the Mira statue and adoring it. She did this for days. Enchanted just thought her player couldn't get on or something. Three days later a wolf came on. A pure black wolf. "Hello there!" Enchanted said happily.

The wolf tilted it's head. "You are one like me. You are also Forgotten." The wolf said, which scared Enchanted. "What? I'm forgotten? No, my player never forgot about me. She didn't." What Enchanted didn't notice was that she was slowly turning blood red. "This can't be true!" Tears started to well, but then she realized that her tears were blood, and there were scratches all over her face. "W-what's happening?" She shouted to the strange wolf. "Who are you!?" The wolf looked at her. "I am The Forgotten." Enchanted felt something come over her. She hated Animal Jam. She hated her player. She hated everyone but The Forgotten. She went up to the Mira statue and crashed into it, sending pieces flying everywhere. A bunny went on to the server, and Enchanted went up to it and said, "Hello there." The bunny looked up at her with fear, and Enchanted sliced its belly wide open, then its neck open, leaving it recycled to the player. Finally her player was on, wondering where her wolf was, but then Enchanted 'glitched' and her face was up on the screen. Blood tears were pouring from her face, and the message appeared,

"Why have you done this to me? I hate you!"

The player was scared. The computer was shut off and the players hands started to bleed. She screamed as a voice flashed into her head.

"Why have you done this to me? I hate you!"

Enchanted can still be found in Jamaa, forever forgotten, left alone.

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