Enchanted looked outside the window of her den. "Arctic, is Snowflake here yet?" Asked Enchanted excitedly. "Not yet, Enchanted." Said Arctic. Enchanted frowned. Snowflake was her best friend. Snowflake had been her friend since Kindergarden, in fact. And Enchanted was now in 3rd Grade. A car pulled into Enchanted's driveway. Snowflake. Enchanted rushed outside to meet her. The she-wolf stepped out of the car. "Hello, Enchanted!" Said Snowflake. "Hi!" Enchanted replied. Snowflake and Enchanted walked inside. "Do you want something, Snowflake?" Asked my Mom, Arctic. "No thanks." Said Snowflake.

Snowflake and Enchanted had played for hours on end now. But the best thing was, Snowflake was sleeping over! Enchanted and Snowflake were on the trampoline, bouncing high. They were having a contest. They each got higher with each bounce. They almost flew, in Enchanted's eyes. The thing about Enchanted was, she was a good friend. She was energetic, and loved to play. She got bored when she was not playing with her good friends.

Enchanted was at School, in the Gym, walking laps with Snowflake. "What should we do next sleepover?" Snowflake asked. "I don't know. Ideas, Commander?" Said Enchanted. Commander was Snowflake's brother. "Nope." Said Commander. They all shrugged. They would have to find out another time. The coach blew the whistle, and they ran back to their classes. "Today, students, we will play Skunk Tag." Said Coach Dancing. Enchanted loved that game. "In Skunk Tag, I will pick four taggers with Coach Blossom. They will try to tag the rest of you, and stink you. Got it? And don't beg to be a tagger." She explained. She glared at Little. He was the begger. "Now, go into the circle." She said.

She had four noodles to give to the taggers. Enchanted caught Snowflake's eye. Enchanted and Snowflake were given noodles. And really, this was a once-a-year thing for Enchanted, and Snowflake. The game started. Enchanted had gotten five jammers out. Enchanted and Snowflake had teamed up. The jammers were running from Enchanted and Snowflake. They made the perfect team. Once Enchanted and Snowflake's round was over, they watched their other friends, Commander and Scurvy, play. They cheered. Their eyes sparkled.

Gym was over, and Enchanted and Snowflake had said goodbye. Enchanted was eating lunch. She looked at the tables, but she couldn't find Snowflake. She probably wasn't there yet. Enchanted talked to Scurvy, who happened to be at her table. Soon, Snowflake walked in, and sat with them. "Commander is still coming." She said. Enchanted smiled. Scurvy looked at them. "I saw you both as taggers at Gym." He commented. "Yep." Said Enchanted. Snowflake nodded. Scurvy looked out the window. He yelled to a Pre-K jammer, "Look! There's a bird!" And laughed a little. "Where?" Said the Pre-k jammer. He whipped his head around. That was a bit funny, though it was still kind of bullying. But they all laughed at the trick.

Lunch was over, and Enchanted was home. She texted Snowflake: "Hey, want to come over sometime?" And sent it. "Yeah!" Snowflake replied. They lived on the same street. Snowflake was all the way down. Soon, there was a knock. Enchanted opened the door to see Snowflake. "Hey!" She said. Snowflake smiled. They turned on the TV to watch some cat shows. They loved cats. They watched a funny cat video, called Hover Cat. They burst out laughing. They loved these moments when they played.

Enchanted was back at school. She couldn't find Snowflake, but she talked to Scurvy. Then they saw Commander. "Where's Snowflake?" Asked Enchanted. "Home sick," replied Commander. "Hope she gets better soon!" Said Enchanted.

The rest of the school day went by. Enchanted already missed Snowflake. They had a strong bond. Nobody could break it. Enchanted sighed as the weekend passed by, and she was excited to see Snowflake on Monday. Snowflake was at the Gym. "Hi!" She said when she saw Enchanted. "Hey!" Enchanted replied.

Enchanted was in the car with Snowflake. They were going to the beach, with Commander and Snowflake's sister, Flora! "Almost there," said Snowflake's mom, Rosy. Snowflake and Enchanted were on Enchanted's laptop, recording a song. Once they arrived, Snowflake and Enchanted stepped out and ran to the water. "Lets find some crabs!' Yelled Enchanted as she dived in. They began to paddle, swimming to a huge clump of seaweed. "Crabs get in those," said Enchanted. They picked it up and brought it to their container. Once it was in, Crabs and sea slugs and fish poured out of it. Everyone smiled.

Enchanted was in bed with Snowflake. They were both on their laptops, looking for funny YouTube videos. "You should go to sleep." Said Rosy. "Nah." Said Enchanted. They slept for a bit. They woke around 11:50. They decided to go outside, they lived in a region with mountains. They might hike. 12:00 hit, and they saw a black thing. It crawled up the mountains. A human? A hunter? Possibly. Snowflake sniffed the air. "Enchanted, inside. I smell danger." Snowflake said. They ran inside. They looked at their sea animals, safe with the locked doors and windows.

Enchanted and Snowflake played some board games, and decided to watch a movie. Enchanted turned on the TV and went to Netflix. "Turbo FAST, Space Dogs, The Aristocats, what should we watch?" Said Enchanted. Snowflake looked at the TV. "Search cats. See what comes up." She said. Enchanted entered in the words, and the Aristocats and some other movies came up.

"I think we should watch Turbo FAST, personally." Said Enchanted. "Click it, then!" Said Snowflake jokingly. Then they heard a banging on the door. "W-who's there?" Called Snowflake softly. She looked out the door to see her dad. "Oh, him." She said. She opened the door. "Sorry if I scared you." Said Wretched, the dad. "And what are you doing up so late, Snowflake?" He added. Snowflake looked nervous. "I couldn't sleep." Said Snowflake. "Like I'll believe that!" Said Wretched jokingly.

Enchanted popped up behind Snowflake. Snowflake smiled a joking smile. Wretched now looked confused. "Enchanted...?" He said. "Yep." Said Enchanted. Snowflake looked at him. Wretched headed into the bedroom. "Just don't make to much noise, ok?" He said. "Ok." They both agreed.

The next day, they woke up. They were being taken to a store. The sign read "Gamers and More". Snowflake and Enchanted walked in, along with Rosy, Commander, and Flora. It had games on the first shelf. "I don't have a Nintendo, so I can't play Pokemon. But I want to." Explained Enchanted as she walked by the Nintendo games. Snowflake nodded. "They HAVE to make one for Wii or Xbox." Replied Snowflake. Enchanted looked ahead. She saw crafts.

"Hey, see those crafts?" She asked. "Yeah, what about 'em?" Said Commander. "I want to get a sketchbook, since I don't have one already." Said Enchanted. "Ooooh, me too." Said Snowflake. They turned there, hoping for a sketchbook. Enchanted grabbed one. "Mine!" She said jokingly. Snowflake and Flora laughed. Later, they walked out.

"Wasn't that a blast?" Said Flora. They had checked out with an animal named Little, a funny Arctic Wolf.

Enchanted and Snowflake nodded. "I sure hope tourist season ends soon," said Rosy. Enchanted could relate with that. "I want to go to the playground!" Said Snowflake. "That would be fun." Enchanted said. "Well, there may not be parking, but sure." Said Rosy.

They drove there. They arrived at Jamaa Township, where the park was located. They walked to the Mira Statue for directions. "That sign says the park is to the left." Said Snowflake as she read a sign. "Let's go!" Said Commander.

"Not so fast." Said Rosy. "Why?" We all asked. "Animals put fake signs up all the time, to lead jammers into their traps. Especially Fman122, and WretchedJungle." Said Rosy. All the cubs looked confused.

"They were very greedy jammers who wanted rares all to themselves. So, they steal it from your pockets, item carriers, or purses." Said Rosy. All the cubs glanced at the bushes. "But... No one is there!" Complained Commander. "Their farther down." Said Rosy.

Enchanted took another look at the sign. There were two ones that said park. One to the left, one to the right. And one had the city's handwriting. "Guys! Guys! There are two signs that lead to the park!" Yipped Enchanted.

All the young jammers looked at the signs. "Good reading." Said Rosy. They all walked off down that path. A few minutes later, before they got there, "I'm bored." Said Commander. "Oh come on! It's only been what, five minutes!" Said Enchanted.

"Who would want to trek a boring path like this?" Said Commander. "Boring!? You have to be kidding me." Said Flora. Snowflake looked at Enchanted. "Maybe we could swing there." Said Snowflake. "We should." Said Enchanted.

They arrived at the park. Enchanted, Snowflake, Flora and Commander went rushing over. "SWINGS!" Yowled Enchanted. Flora got on with them, while Commander decided to play alone. "Commander... You should join the others." Said Rosy.

"Not SWINGING!" Said Commander. Rosy growled. He had no choice. He dragged himself over to a swing. "Cheer up," Said Enchanted as Commander started to lightly swing.

"But swings, those nasty things." He replied. Enchanted shot him a confused glance then turned back to Snowflake and Flora. "So, how are things going?" She asked. Then, suddenly, it started to rain. (Get ready for spooky it's raining outside.)

Suddenly, a black tiger with red patches stepped out of the bushes. "WretchedJungle," snarled Rosy. "Yes. But I think your pups are to pathetic to die." He growled. "Run, pups." Said Rosy. They bolted out of the park.

"That was close, but I hope mom is okay." Said Snowflake. "She should be." Soothed Enchanted. They ran to the Mira Statue of luck to take cover. "Lets hope Mira saves her and us." Said Flora. "Yeah," said Commander. There were traces of blood and death. "Hopefully it belongs to Wretched." Said Flora.

They walked down the path again, sniffing out traces of hackers. "There is no blood in Jamaa," Enchanted recalled Arctic saying. "Yeah, unless there's a hacker." Replied Snowflake. "No. My mom told me." Said Enchanted. "Who even uses that dumb saying anymore?" Said Commander.

"It's not dumb." Growled Flora. Commander rolled his eyes but said nothing. They cautiously walked into the park to find Wretched and Rosy gone. "Oh no," said Snowflake. "We should find her!" Said Flora. "Yeah, I love adventures." Added Enchanted. "Commander?"

Said Flora. "I'm all 'meh' on the idea." He said. "Then lets just go." Said Flora. They ran off, Enchanted in the lead, following a scent trail. A while later, they came across some blood. "Hmmmmm." Said Snowflake. "Well, this means were following the right trail." Said Enchanted.

They continued on down a winding path. "Well this END soon?" Said Commander. "Only after your death." Said the voice of WretchedJungle. "What? Your not allowed to say that word in this town!" Said Snowflake. "Hacker," Enchanted reminded Snowflake. Snowflake ran forward, ditching the others.

"Hey! Come back!" Howled Enchanted. The young pups chased her, through cities and towns. They were all out of breath and Enchanted was bruised by the time they caught up. Snowflake was staring at the tiger. "I think he hypnotized her." Said Flora. Commander shrugged.

Enchanted looked at her closely, studying each flinch she made. "She's slightly flinching." Said Enchanted. The other pups nodded. Wretched then unlocked gazes with her; he had recognized the pups. "I know I said you were to pathetic to die, but not to pathetic to eat!" He snarled.

The pups grabbed Snowflake and ran off. They did not know where they were going, but they were certain it was a Ghost Town. Nobody was there. "We will not die today," snarled Enchanted. "Then keep on cutting Wretched off!" Said Flora. Snowflake had started to run, but she was injured.

"Ok, I think we lost him," panted Enchanted. "What about Rosy?" Said Commander. "Commander, I'm sorry to say this, but I think she died," said Snowflake. "Really; No, don't be silly." Said Commander. "We are not silly; deaths happen," said Enchanted. "I guess I'm just to young to understand," joked Commander.

"This is no joking matter." Another jammer came up to them. "I'm Awesome, one of the other jammers here. Wretched always bothers us." He led them down a path. "This way," he told them, "Hurry!" Enchanted rushed down the path. There was dirt and bushes all around her, and she saw a sign that said 'Watch for Dogs.'

They came to an opening. It was a circle. There were two dens facing the jammers. "Their abandoned," Snowflake whispered. "Go inside. We might have to live alone now," Enchanted sighed.

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