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You may take this as a work of a crazy person, but just hear me out. It actually makes some sense. At least, to me it does.

Should you listen to me, I could save your life. Your precious, safe, life on the other side of the mirror.

Probably wondering what that means, right? Well, let me start from the beginning. This will sound weird, but I am you. I am what you see every day when you wake up, and I am the reason you can't walk through a mirror, I am your reflection. I am the one who keeps you from seeing the other side of the mirror. I know once they find me, I will be executed for telling you this. But it is my only hope for saving you.

Look, I wasn't planning on telling you this way. I'm just taking up space by talking about who I am. I couldn't just tell you this outright, the guards wouldn't let it get through the-well-whatever i'm sending this through. So I'm encrypting this. You'll understand later.

Behind the mirror, I watch what you do. And I know what ever happened to you or will happen--and it is a crime to change it. And that's why i'll be executed-but I know that you have to change this. Oh, and one more thing.

You should read the first word of each paragraph. Good luck.

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