NOTE: Any rare item monday items mentioned don't actually exist.

It was monday morning, and everyone was rushing onto Animal Jam to collect today's rare item, the Rare Cat Headband. It was just a headband with cat ears, and it was white with orange and black patches like a calico cat. Despite the fact that it matched pretty much no Clan Jammer's pelt, the whole Jamaa Clothes Shop was utterly packed with clan Wolf-Cats.

Loud yowls echoed around the room. "I GOT THE FIRST CAT HEADBAND!"





A light blue clan jammer who actually used a snow leopard instead of a wolf was backed up against one wall. She sighed in frustration, and decided to clear the clanners away so others could get the Rare Cat Headband. "SHUT UP OR I'LL PERSONALLY SMASH YOUR SKULLS IN! LET THE OTHERS GET A CAT HEADBAND OF THEIR OWN!" The whole room fell silent and clan cats left, one clan by one clan.

Other clans came and left, and soon everyone had a Rare Cat Headband. The light blue snow leopard, named Snowflake Snowysun, decided to visit Sarepia Forest to see the newest dramas there. After the short walk there, the first thing she noticed was a whole clan of wolf-cats panicking.

"WHERE'S THE LEADER!?" one wolf-cat screeched.

"I CAN'T FIND TOADSTAR!" another one screeched in reply.

Snowflake sighed. "What does Toadstar look like?" she asked the second wolf-cat.

"Why should I bother telling you, KITTYPET?" the second wolfcat, a she-cat that was mostly white with a light gray splotch on her muzzle with a white nametag that read 'Queen Thecat' replied.

"I'm just trying to help you find your leader!"

"Fine, but if you dare touch any of our kits you will be shredded!".

"Now seriously, what does Toadstar look like?" Snowflake Snowysun meowed.

"He's a muscular black and brown tom with blue eyes." Queen Thecat reluctantly meowed back.

"Wait, what's his nametag?"

"White and it reads 'Medieval Thecat'."

"What would his 'username' be?" Snowflake Snowysun couldn't get the concept of usernames. "ToadstarOfForestClan." Snowflake Snowysun reached for her buddy list and pawed at the search button, typing in 'ToadstarOfForestClan' and hitting enter. "ERROR 404: JAMMER NOT FOUND" popped up on both Queen Thecat and Snowflake Snowysun's screens.

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