Evelyn is a young wolf pup Shystar adopted after she got Amelie. This takes place 5 years after The Shystar Chronicles: I'm Coming Home, so read that one first. AND I WILL FINISH IT!

~I'm ready to forgive, but forgetting is a harder fight..

"Shystar! Duke! Please stop fighting! You're scaring Evelyn!" Amelie cried and reached for her two mentors.

"Evelyn, Evelyn, Why do we bother to stay?" Amelie looked at the pup.

"Why are you running away?!" She jumped up and chased after Evelyn.

Don’t you feel like severing?

Everything’s just come together at last.

It’s broken, I don’t want to play.

Duke turned to Shystar.

"We grew up closer than most, closer than anything, closer than anything. shared our bed and wore the same clothes. talked about everything, spoke about so many things."

Shystar paused and looked at him.


"what shall we wear tonight?"

"what shall we eat today?"

"can we go ice skating?"

"but we just did that yesterday..."

"should we be fireman?"

"can we be astronauts?"

"what if they find us?"

"they're not looking anyway..."


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