Le Panda Ant. You're welcome Amelie.

Everything Wrong In Life is dedicated, to well...everything wrong in life! :D

Note: Each section will have three things that is wrong with life. ENJOY!!

Everything Wrong In Life: Food

May I list a few (hundred) foods that make life weird?

1. Squid Pizza. My Reaction: FTW. Amelie's reaction: Is it edible? Random other person: Yes. Amelie again: Mkay I like it. :3.
Download (3)

Squid Pizza.

2. Chocolate Covered Tomatoes. My Reaction: Yum..?

Download (4)

Cocolate Covered Tomatoes

3. Fried Brain Sandwiches!? (These are made out of PIG BRAINS so don't get worried.) My reaction: Don't make me look anymore..

Amelie haz taken over dis story, so, when it says my reaction, it's Amelie's reaction, not Shystar's.

Everything Wrong In Life: Animals

1. Panda Ants. My reaction: A panda AND an ant!? So cute! (though you might think it's slightly weird or disturbing even looking)

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