Poof of the Century
Everyone has an evil counterpart. Yes, even The 13 Deaths has a much more evil counterpart! Take an innocent, derpy dog like me, place some of my fur into a fancy phantom machine, and BAM! You've got an evil counterpart for me. Well, I already have an evil counterpart, speaking of my evil counterpart. Some people are unaware of their evil counterpart, like WolfyPearl, TechSaur, and a handful of other people on this wiki. Well, people, they're out to get US! (Please note that I have not asked permission from the people included in this story if they'd like to be in my story.)

Chapter 1: The Cat-Napping of TechSaur

TechSaur vs. SaurTech
TechSaur was drinking chocolate milk (hey, she can tolerate it!) along with me in her apartment. I called her earlier on the phone, asking if it was OK for us to hang out, and she said okay. Anyways, I suddenly mentioned, "Have you heard of my evil counterpart yet?" "Nope," Techy replied. "What does she look like and do, now that I think about it?"

Me: "Well, she looks like me-"

Techy: "Why, how can I tell if your evil counterpart is evil?"

Me: "I was just getting to that! Now, she looks like me EXCEPT all of the color is gone from her fur. Her fur is grey, aside from white spots, and her eyes are red."

Techy: "Well she HAS to have some super over-powered abilities or weapons."

Me: "And about her attacks, they're fire-based."

Techy: "Oh poop. Fire sword and fire balls?"

Me: "Actually, it's worse than regular fire. It's ghastly hot blue fire..."

Techy: "What the hay? That's definetely even more worse than regulare fire!"

All of a sudden, the apartment shudders - litteraly. I got slammed onto the wall, some force keeping me from leaping away from the wall, and I was forced to watch as some negative force wrapped around TechSaur - she was screaming in panic - and disappeared. Only then did the invisible force let me go. I collapsed due to gravity, but I got up swiftly. "Oh no," I said to myself. "TechSaur's been cat-napped!"

Chapter 2: Infinite Dungeon of Doom

TechSaur woke up, a cold feeling against her back. She looked around, unsure what to do. Her arms were bound tightly to her sides, preventing fast movement. In fact, she couldn't move any of her body parts at all except her head and her legs! Techy started to sweat, worried that something of dark origin might kill her. Then, she saw another cat. But not just any cat - it had a black splotch of fur on its chest, its face was half orange and white, and... Wait a minute. "Are you my evil counterpart?!?!" Techy screamed. "Yes," the cat whispered. "I am your evil counterpart." The lights turned on, revealing that the two were in the middle room of some dungeon. The light also revealed more of the mystery cat's face, showing that it had a scar over one eye and its eye color was a hellish shade of red. "I'm SaurTech," the mysterious cat replied. "We're in the center room of the Infinite Dungeon." SaurTech smiled evilly, like she was hiding something... but what? "If this is an infinite dungeon, then it would be impossible for anyone who enters a lesser room to find the center one!" Techy replied, screaming.

SaurTech: "No dummy, this isn't litteraly infinite, but it's pretty big."

TechSaur: "Ok...."

The cold feel of the dungeon was starting to get on Techy's nerves. There were many horrible thoughts racing through her mind, including being horribly tortured. SaurTech disappeared as if she was just an illusion, but Techy knew that it was far more than an illusion. It was reality, and she was sure she would be trapped here forever.

Chapter 3: Journey of the Ninja

Kawaii vs. Evil Kawaii
I snuck through the bushes, about an hour had passed and I had decided to chase after Techy as a matter of fact. Suddenly, I saw a gigantic tower in front of me. Unsure what it was but sure that it might have a link to TechSaur's appearance, I switched to stealth mode and tried to approach it un-noticed - but I failed. A German Sheperd quickly noticed me, so it bit my arm hard and dragged me into the tower. I panicked instanly when I smelled the air inside the tower - it smelled like blood, it was dusty, and pretty low-quality in general. I saw chains hanging from the ceiling, crusted blood splattered on them. "What's going on, german sheperd!?!?" I screamed. "That's WolfyJerk to you!" the sheperd replied back. My tail lowered, afraid of my fate. WolfyJerk dragged me up a seemingly endless flight of stairs. She didn't even know that my face was starting to get scraped by the rough stairs, though she probably could be aware of this due to the scent of fresh blood. Finally, the endless dragging stopped, my face bleeding from the rough concrete. Evil Kawaii entered the room, smiling wickedly. All I can ask is why? Here's my conversation with her:

Me: Why do you seek me and TechSaur?

Evil Kawaii: I want to drain all the magic out of you, for the sole purpose of power and the ruling of the world - or at least the wikia.

Me: Sooo... You gonna abduct more users, too?

Evil Kawaii: Yes, but that will have to wait. I sense that TechSaur and you, yet yourself being new, give off the most magic.

Me: What?!?! You should've abducted The 13 Deaths first, she gives off dark magic which would make you way more powerful!

Evil Kawaii: Ah, but that's where you're wrong. *conjures blue fireball from paw, it flames around paw*

Me: Wait, don't burn me! I'll talk. WolfyPearl... she seems to be of your current like.

Evil Kawaii: Yes. I only want good magic. *blue fire disappears*

Me: Let me go!

Evil Kawaii: No! You must stay until all your magic is drained!

I shuddered, knowing that even though the process could take a few days, I would be severly weakened when I found a way to escape. And if I didn't... I would become grey like her, but not evil, and fall into a deep coma until my magic was returned. (By the way, if you don't know how I know this, all users know this when they 'hang around' the wiki. But however, they will not always be aware of this.)

Chapter 4: Claws of Fire

TechSaur wiggled in pain, the air of the cold dungeon somehow affecting her. Remembering her claws, she attempted to claw the ropes, which she failed in doing due to lesser movement of her arms. Techy then realized something horrible: The air in here must be slowly paralyzing her. Panicking, she thrashed her legs wildly, which somehow set off some magic switch in her brain. In rage because of impossible escape, Tech burst into flames which didn't harm her, burning the ropes into smouldering ash. She was amazed at what she had just done - TechSaur had the power of magic embedded deep inside of her. Using the flames to her advantage, she threw a line of harmless fire down each hallway, helping to guide thousands of captives to the main room. Techy then set fire to the above wooden trapdoor, floods of users fleeing out of the square hole. She then escaped herself, the trapdoor happening to be in the middle of a peaceful field, a tower nearby. Heading towards the tower, she paused, seeing a vicious german sheperd guarding the visible door. Hearing cries from the top of the tower, TechSaur's rescue instincts kicked in, flying to the top and entering through one of the windows.

It already has been a few days, and I was on the brink of a coma. I couldn't exit using the tower main entrance either - as I found, it was locked. I collapsed, my muscles unable to support me anymore. Suddenly, I heard a whooshing noise. I just managed to tilt my head enough to see Techy, flames consuming her without any harm. "Tech!" I raspily managed to said. "Help me! My magic is go-" I stopped - my vocal cords stopped working. "Your magic is gone?" TechSaur replied. I shakily nodded. She entered through the glassless window, looks around, and notices something glowing down the spiral stairs. Gingerly carrying me while I was trying my best to keep awake, she raced down the spiraling stairs. The source of the glow was gone - but wait, since when was there a trapdoor in the middle of the floor? The glow seemed to be coming from there. Racing against time, Techy burned through the trapdoor and raced down a ladder. My eyelids half-closed, she raced towards a glowing orb in the corner - but she was cut short when a grey wolf, blood spattered all over it, leaped in front of the glowing wonder. Dropping me, TechSaur was scared. Barely reaching my paw as close as I possibly could, the orb burst, my magic returning to me. I stood up again, ready to face the monster. "The 14 Murders." the wolf softly spoke. Assuming that was the wolf's name, we were ready to face The 14 Murders. 14 Murders lunged at me, seeing as I didn't know any form of magic. TechSaur pulled her off me, the flames searing The 14 Murder's fur. We bolted out of there after that; let's just say we're both very happy to be alive.

hey guys minion here to tell you that kawaii posted on chat that this story was kinda of a throwaway so I will be updating this story sometimes. So yeah, enjoy the story and excuse my grammar.


Chapter 5: The Eternal Truth

We researched all we could about our evil counterparts and we sent a rookie spy to check on the tower. Name? MinionsAJ.

We sent him to the tower to rescue the others and find the true secret. Why Evil counterparts were so evil.

He marched down to the tower but instantly fell unconcious, due to the weird smell.

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