{! WARNING ! This story has a lot of content that could be not suitable for some people. Also excuse my bad grammar and lots of cliches, this is my first story, and i'm not english. this was made for fun, mainly to show it to my dearest friend Isabelle.}


It was a typical kind of sunday where i would lay in bed with my laptop for the rest of the day and play Animal Jam. Being extremely bored i noticed that my buddy on Skype was online, so i voice called her. We decided to go to Jamaa Township and troll people. One time i traded someone a necklace for a Black Long and they declined (Obviously). I said "Do i need to add?" and they said "Yes." So i traded them two necklaces. They blocked me. Me and Darling were in Jamaa Township when she noticed a jammer, saying "First one to come to my den wins Light Pink Headdress!!!". Me and her quickly went to their den and at that time they locked their den. His name was Empress. He was dressed up much like Decomposing, but he was an Arctic Wolf, and he had Mad Scientist Hair. He said "Do you realize what you just did?". At first i thought to myself: "What kind of sick person could do this?", then i was about to message them when suddenly the loading screen flashed. I got shocked for a moment when i noticed that everything exept my browser on my computer was grayed out, and my Skype call ended. Not knowing what to do, i saw Darling locked up in a cage because she went to his den earlier than me. For some reason i couldn't move my eagle. I was terrified. I decided to quit, but i couldn't. My Chrome's buttons were all grey and i could't do anything. Then a pair of black monkeys with red slits as eyes came in holding pirate swords with one wearing black elf armor and holding nunchucks.

Empress suddenly sent out an emoji, but it wasn't like the other ones. Nobody probably saw it or ever heard of it. It was a smiley face similar to the evil toothy smile, but it had longer fangs and it's animation was the cat licking blood off it's lips. Then the monkeys started dissemboweling and 

dismembering her, with the same smileys.. I was so scared, that i was literally in tears. I couldn't even move my fingers an inch from watching my friend getting gutted and sending out crying emojis. Then the screen suddenly flashed black and you won't believe what i saw. It was Darling's head pinned up a pole and her lifeless dismembered body next to it. I finally got to quit so i plugged out my computer, ran down the stairs crying and went to my mom. She wouldn't believe me, so i swore to NEVER play Animal Jam again.

I would tell you Empress' username, but i don't want you to end up the same.