Tomato couldn't sleep, kept awake by the nagging fear that Awesome was going to die. It has been in his thoughts for many many nights, keeping at the back of his head until rising up into his thoughts, keeping him awake. This night though, among his many thoughts, and along with that nagging thought of Awesome, there was the thought that tonight, he would die.

He tossed and turned in his bed, and whimpered. He was going to die tonight, he could sense it. His ears perked up as he heard the door to his bedroom open, and he lay there, petrified. He was going to die. Was he? Not if he couldn't help it...

He reached over for the sharp scissors on his nightstand, the ones he used to cut out a picture for Awesome, his best friend. He pulled it over to his chest, keeping it there, and laying still. His door creaked all the way open, and he heard breathing coming from the doorway. Was it his brother? Or was it his killer?

Pawsteps neared Tomato's bed, and a little giggle sounded from behind him. It was Kipper. It was his killer. It was time to act fast. As quick as a blink, he grabbed his scissors and swiftly swung his arm backwards, over to Kipper, and she shrieked. His strike had hit home, right into shoulder, wedged there. Tomato stared at the wound, which was dripping blood, but Kipper only smiled, took the scissors out of her shoulder, and threw them backwards.

Act fast.

Tomato flung himself out of bed and tried to reach the doorway, but Kipper was blocking it. "Tomato..." she whispered evilly. "Awesome is mine, don't you forget that!" Tomato growled and unsheathed his claws, striking her face, and Kipper flinched. "You want to play that game? Well why didn't you tell me?" Kipper unsheathed her unusually long and sharp claws, and struck at Tomato, who was too scared to move.

With her claws, she slashed open Tomato's neck, and blood started oozing in giant waves out of the wound. He saw Kipper's psychotic eyes, and he was horrified. Then he thought about his best friend. Awesome...I can't leave him! He felt warm tears stream down his face, and he let out a gurgled scream. Kipper laughed maniacally as she saw the light drift away from Tomato's eyes. His eyes dulled, once beautiful orbs of amber light, and put to an end. His eyes were the only things that gave Awesome Awesome has nothing to live for...does he?

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