It was the arrival of FMAN122, the day everyone in Jamaa was screaming for their lives, quitting, sending rares to other accounts, locking profiles, and warning buddies. But what if FMAN had a good side? It seemed impossible, but was true. FMAN only wanted to joke around, scare people, cause chaos. This was all a horrible mistake that ended up wrong. And now, FMAN had to pay for it. Pay with getting banned.

And for once, FMAN was brought back, only for a few minutes, and help jammers out. This was FMAN's good side, which only came every 4 years, since 4 years ago he started this drama. FMAN was just some lost account, and somehow every 4 years hacked his way in to show he was good.

And today, he shows his good side. His good side, for once.

The Virus

In late 2011, FMAN was testing out the virus to put into people's accounts by gift. He knew he would scare people, and he finally found a program to do this. "For once I can scare people!" FMAN laughed as he was finished testing out the hacking on a backup account. "I'm the only non-member able to gift!" he said as he got ready for his experiment on another jammer, and not on his own PC, which was obviously already infected due to downloading the virus in order to spread it.

FMAN logged into his account. He went onto server Aldan, which was full of rare people. He looked for someone to target. That headdress girl? No, maybe that black long wolf! No! Not rare enough! Ooh, new years party hat! Still no. I got it! That guy with a founder, black long, AND black worn! FMAN found a target. He quickly opened the jam-a-gram button on the jammer's profile, applied a necklace to a gift, put "Thanks for playing with me!" in the word section, and hit send. My first target, and many more to go! FMAN laughed as he thought. Quickly, a small window appeared next to where he was playing AJ. It said, "Way to go! First hacked victim! But I've still got more!" "Huh?" FMAN had no clue what this window meant. Then, suddenly a version of his wolf appeared, but with blue flames and eyes. "Ugh! A copy!" FMAN said. He quickly got all his necklaces ready for hacking. But every time he tried, the blue copy wouldn't leave. FMAN then saw the 1 mark in the den icon, though his den was locked and he had no buddies. He went in. The blue version was there. "Hello, I'm your friend." The blue FMAN said. FMAN clicked it. "Recycledbeards?" Was this guy here before? "My name is Recycledbeards. You are not welcome on Animal Jam, but to me, you are very welcome." Recycledbeards said. "Uh, okay," FMAN murmured. "There! I got you to talk! And the real FMAN wouldn't!" Recycledbeards exclaimed. "I am the real FMAN!" FMAN yelled. "Then hack me." Recycledbeards said. He's un-bannable! FMAN thought. Do what you were born to do... get him!

FMAN started sending the necklaces. Recycledbeards didn't go. "If you're recycling my gift, keep it. It's a BLACK LONG!" FMAN yelled. "No, no. I know your plan." Recycledbeards said. I'll have to do this the hard way, FMAN thought. FMAN got onto the homepage, logged out, and typed "Recycledbeards" in the username section. But what could his password be? FMAN tried BeardsRecycled, all lower case, all upper, mixed of UPPER and lower, and wrote Recycled Beards. Nothing. FMAN then tried FMAN122. Yes! It worked! FMAN saw Recycledbeards disappear. His items were FMAN's... or were they, yet?

FMAN was logged out from Recycledbeards the second he opened the clothing section. Ugh! He had seen a black long in the corner of his eyes when he opened the clothing. "It could have been mine," FMAN whispered. When Recycledbeards returned to FMAN's den, Recycledbeards used the smile emoji. "Nice try, but you can never hack me! I'm too quick." Recycledbeards laughed. FMAN was angry. "I'll hack so many people, you can't even count the number!" FMAN yelled. "I'll leave, and start hacking, and you..." Recycledbeards animal somehow turned to look at FMAN, "stay out of my way. I'm no match for you. I can beat you in any hack-battle." Then Recycledbeards left. "I can beat his BLUE crying face!" FMAN angrily said. He then stalked Jamaa Township of Aldan, waiting for a rare person to hack.


FMAN saw the 1 sign once again at his den. "I thought he said stay out of my way." FMAN said, but still went into his den. "Ha! You're in a trap now!" He saw the words everywhere on a black background, his animal all alone. He saw dark blood leaking from his animals eyes and mouth. He then saw Recycledbeards. "You've gotten my virus. To bad for you, you cannot ever ban me!" Recycledbeards said, though his chat bubble was just one blue flame, with black words. "This is my den! You should have NEVER, EVER, came!" FMAN said. "Oh, I was just setting a trap, as usual. Ready to parish?" Recycledbeards challenged. "No." FMAN said. My skills could not save me. I'm done. My rares will be stolen. FMAN thought. "We have another competitor." Recycledbeards said. Lostjammer's animal slowly came into sight. "Who's he?" FMAN asked. "Lostjammer, my OLD friend, and NEW enemy!" Recycledbeards said. FMAN became scared. Even though he knew he and Recycledbeards were already enemies, another hacker existed? And would he become FMAN's enemy, or ally?

Later that day, FMAN got on his computer, only to find a window, which said "Recycledbeards.x3x".

Deh black wolf

What was this? FMAN clicked it, since it seemed to be the form of a link. It led him to a page called "Recycled-Lost-FMAN". "FMAN?! I'm on this site?" FMAN was confused. He read what it said below. "Me, Lostjammer, and FMAN122 are in a new battle! Check it out! I'm winning, with my cool hacking skills. I already 'imprisoned' Lostjammer, though we are still enemies, and FMAN is still out, and I'm ready for battle. I wait 'till he logs on to start. I'll be in his den, and my next plan WILL include Lostjammer. I'll force Lost to help me!" FMAN read outloud. I'll show Recycledbeards who's boss! FMAN thought. He quickly logged onto Animal Jam, with the 1 sign in his den. Recycledbeards was there. FMAN ignored it, and hacked five people, and received 800 items in total, and since his account was a virus, he could keep those items. And, he could give them to backups if he didn't have room. But suddenly, he was taken to his den, with the same black background and "Ha! You're in a trap now!" painted on it. Recycledbeards was there, with Lostjammer, who had red splotches on him. It was probably to simulate blood. "HELP ME..." Lostjammer said, his chat bubble was red, with the words black, with drip marks coming out from the bottom of the words. "Did you see that LINK I sent to you, through virus? Now that you clicked on it, I have your password right in my hands. But I don't want to hack you right away. I want to scare you!" Recycledbeards said. It looked as if tears were falling from Lostjammers' eyes. Lostjammer backed up. "Take 'em, Recycledbeards." He said in a scared voice. FMAN didn't know what to do. His skills were no match for him. "I'm in your..." was the last thing FMAN saw Recycledbeards say, as his screen suddenly showed the words BANNED in bold red. AJHQ had banned him! FMAN was angry. But at least he was safe. Now, it was time for him to get rid of his viruses. They were no use now.


4 years later, in 2015, FMAN returned. He was emailed by AJHQ that he was able to log in, under one condition: DO NOT HACK. YOU MUST ONLY HELP OTHERS IN NEED.

FMAN searched up Recycledbeards. He did not show up. FMAN was happy! He looked into the clothing section of his account. He had nothing. Either his items were taken when he was banned, or Recycledbeards managed to get them.

A small little bunny was crying. "What's wrong?" FMAN said, annoyed. "I was scammed." The bunny replied. FMAN remembered the email. Help others in need. "Okay, fine, I'll get you something." FMAN said. He kind of liked being kind. He bought the bunny some items. "Thank you!" the bunny said. "You're welcome." FMAN said, and put the smile emoji. He had done something great.

FMAN helped a few other people. Then he was banned again. "What?! How can I be banned? I was being helpful!" FMAN didn't understand. He was then again emailed by AJHQ. He was only aloud on Animal Jam for 30 minutes every 4 years to help. FMAN wasn't able to make new accounts, so he just dealt with it. After all, he was a bad jammer at first. He deserved this punishment.

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