Did you know that FMAN122 has spies? I certainly didn't. Very little probably do. Now, I'm not sure if they're spies....or just some random people. I'm not sure myself. I just like to call them spies for the time being. Please bear with it.

They spoke in some weird code. It wasn't a reversed message, it wasn't zalgo text, it wasn't another language. It wasn't anything I have ever seen. They're always wolves. Not arctic wolves, just wolves. They're all black with the default wolf eyes, which are also black.

They would have a different user tag for each, but no username would ever appear. They would always be sitting and facing the player. Yes, they always turned the same place as the player would go.

I discovered them just by going through some fake FMAN usernames and going to their dens. I'm just going to say, I'm not sure which were real or which were fake. I just like to consider them fake.

While den jumping, there would be a lot or a little. No pattern would follow with them at all. It was always the same if you went back to one den. They would be facing the place the player was last at, and turn their attention to you and follow your every move.