It all began with a normal Saturday morning, go on Animal Jam, trade, talk, go to a party. But today was ALL wrong. Some Jammers in Crystal Sands were talking about Fman122. "Non-members cannot send gifts so Fman can't hack us." a jammer said.  "Fman122 was always a myth anyway!" I said. "He is real, but he can't get us now." another jammer replied. I then smiled and just went to Aldan to trade. A few Fman122 clones were around. "HAHAHA NMS CANT SEND GIFTS NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH!" I teased. But I guess one clone was real, he Jam-A-Grammed me, as I saw the normal Jam-A-Gram, Fman's face then showed up and weirdly, he took me to his den. "I am... real." he snapped. "And I'll take all your nice little rares that you worked.. ever so hard for!" he chuckled. I suddenly was now frozen. His animal was DRIPPING with the fire pattern, but it was blood. His eyes glowed red! "You're next...." his raspy voice echoed through my headphones. I could not get out, get off, or turn off my computer. My account went crazy and I heard a evil laugh, "I am REAL!" he laughed. I screamed louder, I went on my back up, all my rares were gone and my username was Fmaned. I was traumatized, AJHQ didnt do anything, and that was my last time on AJ.

Never mess with Fman122 clones.