*TrollPasta trollolalollolaloll*


Fman122 ez not intentoinaly eevviiil!!

I aam heer as hiiis lawyurs!!

Yoo cee, eet all startteed when hee was naping, wen, hees mummy wok him upp!! Hee wus su maad!! Hees mummy yaled at heem foor sleping laate, eevin thoh he whent 2 bbedd earlly aand et wwas a Sa turd ay, su hee wahs verrry mmad sadd!! Su hee wehnt to te cumpoter aand starrted playing AJ!!

Ahl of de suden, hes pappy caam and tol'd hem dat dey jus fohnd out hees mum es an vampiirreee and whiil shee was plaainting patatos, thee neighbbo throuwed an woden staek aht heer bacaz hee see herr fanges. den hse deid even doe itt hit verry smal vesells and very lihtly touchd her heert.

Fman sed NOOOOO!! end hee wehnt ento a sulk. hee went ontu aj tto llet out steem. hee playeed addventrs buut goot boord. affterr a whil hee fell asleep on de cumpoter. wen he wook upp, he relized he was en de gaem and whas verry boord bcuz noting to do. ten hee relized he wasba wolfie. he wahs nut hapy and treid throwing himself att theh cumpeter screne. den ppl freeked ot bcaz dey saw hem poundin at dere cumpoter screnes.

Dey treid to repport hem, buut et didt work!! Den dey saw hes animal nam wahs randomly generated. Eet was "Awesome Sunnybrave"!! Su, Fman treid messaging hes freind, but he wahs hungry!! hee stel had hungre evenn doe he en computer. Fman treid eeting the flooting cofe cup, bbutt et alwayyss flooted away form hes reech. Hee treid eeting hes clothes, but dey provided verry litle nutrition. Finaly, he treid eeting a skunkk, but et keept teleporting away!!

Fmann verry hungry, su he finaly wehnt to de addoptin senter. hee thot of hes vampire mummy, end iit al mad sence. he addopt small bunny. he messaged her 2 distrakt herr, but hee hadd no ittems!! Su, bcuz he ees suppernatarul person, hee juus gav her a eempty geeft bohx throh hes majik powrs!! hse luked att de box, woondering hoow, den Fman122 eet bunny. de buny keep tryng 2 teleport away, butt hee teleport afterr herr. den he usded majic 2 stoop bunnbun. de bunny re

Latter oon, hee developped beter strategy, such ahs seending virusus en gift boxesd, but dis es how et started.


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