The jammers in Jamaa have divided into factions. These factions are the Traders, the Artists, and the Roleplayers. Those who refuse to choose are left social outcasts forever. Aparri, Wisteria, WootMoo, and Bepper are some of the few jammers that are on probation; they won't have to choose for a while. But, their time is running out. They will have to choose just one of their passions for their new lives. Otherwise, they will face the loss of their fame status. Will these Jammers give up on a part of their current Animal Jam lives?

The Factions of New Jamaa

The Traders is the faction devoted to trade, rare items, and gifting. Most members of this faction have at least one spike on hand. The traders often trade or gift with other factions to provide them with items. Their symbol is a Long Spiked Collar. Their leader is Julian2. Their base is located in Epic Wonders.

The Artists is the faction devoted to decoration, style, and art. The faction members are those who enjoy look creating, den decorating, and painting Masterpieces. The artists design new items to be put in the game. They are sometimes pushed around by the Traders to make Masterpieces for them to trade or gift. Their symbol is a paintbrush. Their leader is LilacPetal. Their base is located in the art studio.

The Roleplayers is the faction devoted to roleplaying, from families to warriors. The faction is comprised into several smaller groups for certain families, clans, etc. They often roleplay in assorted places such as dens and the forest. Their symbol is a pawprint. They have no distinct leader, but the clan leaders, roleplaying parents, etc. are the leaders of their individual groups. Their base is located in the Pillow Room.

The Outcasts

The Probation Jammers

The Uniquists

Chapter 1: Aparri

The red arctic wolf of user Aparri sat on the den floor in front of an orange striped table, where a laptop computer was mounted. Plugged into the laptop was a small-sized microphone, just big enough to amplify his voice. His ruby red top hat's brim slightly flopped in front of his eyes: his usual style.

The wolf scrolled through his once thriving Youtube channel with his crimson paw, which was dressed with a matching elf bracelet. His videos still retained their original view and like counts. However, his subscriber count drastically decreased in number. Aparri knew exactly why. The factions.

Ever since the once colorful land of Jamaa had been split into factions, courtesy of a feud years ago, the world had been neglecting him. This was all because of his probation. He hadn't chosen a faction to call home and had a limited time to choose. It was like an expiring membership on its final days.

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