Hello, I'm Candykitty! Welcome to my story! In my format of writing, the characters' first names aren't exactly what they like to be called. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story!


Magical lay down in her hammock, looking up at the stars. Tomorrow was the day her roommate, Muddy would take her to the summer carnival, and she wanted to make the most of it. She pushed her big ears to the side of her head and fell asleep, holding her plush tiger tightly. She was woken up the next morning by the sound of Muddy's flippers flapping against the wooden floor in an attempt to run quickly, rearranging the gigantic collection of plushies in the corner and putting on his old blanket that he considered a cape. She lazily got out of the hammock, pulling on her star hat and moon necklace. "Hey Commander! You ready to go to the carnival?" She shouted, Muddy appearing at the doorway with a wristband on his flipper. "Don't call me Commander, Puppet." He smiled, showing all of his teeth. "Of course I'm ready, let's go!"

As they arrived at the carnival, Magical saw the cotton candy stand had a line stretching all the way to the entrance. "I'm going to the candy catch game, I'll see you later!" She said to Muddy, rushing off to the stand. At the stand was a purple penguin with a red star pattern tending to the game. "Oh! Hello! There was a problem with a candy overload, so you can take the candies with you! I dunno what went wrong with the dispenser, though..." The penguin said cheerfully, taking 5 gems from Magical and putting it in the slot to start the game.

Magical got nearly all the candies, minus a few normal ones. The penguin congratulated her as a barrage of tickets came out of the machine, quickly being snatched up. Magical grabbed her hat and put the candy inside, keeping the hat in her hands. “Thanks for the free candy!” she told the penguin cheerfully, whistling along the way to another game.

When Magical and Muddy had finished playing all the games and had each had a cotton candy, they raced each other past Crystal Sands and all the way home. "I win!" Magical exclaimed with her voice muffled because she was holding her hat in her mouth. "No fair!" Panted Muddy as he caught up. "You went on four legs for the last leg of the race!" Magical stuck her tongue out playfully, taking the hat out of her mouth. "You can still have some of my candy, if you want.” Muddy nodded. “You know, I used to live in Crystal Sands…” he began, taking a bowl out from under their table for the candy. “I could never go in the water, because...Something always happened if I did.” The seal stopped, his content expression replaced by sadness. Magical looked at her friend with a look of concern. “It’s okay, Muddy. You can tell me about it later.” She told him, pouring a large portion of the candies into his bowl.

Leaving Muddy with his share of the candies, Magical went back to her hammock, pulling one of the candies out of her hat. The wrapper was soggy, as if it had been soaking in water. “Ew, gross…” she muttered. She carefully peeled the wrapper off of the object, blinking in surprise as a small phantom from the game uncurled from a small ball and gasped for air. "Poor little guy!" She whispered, hugging the tiny creature close to her chest. Magical looked into the living room, seeing Muddy sitting by himself. "I'm going on an adventure, Muddy! You gonna be alright by yourself?" Muddy replied with a tired smile as she moved towards the door. “Why do you think my name is Commander? Commanders are supposed to hold their ground. I’ll be fine.” Magical nodded, the phantom hidden in her small paws as she walked out the door.

She decided to go to Cosmo's to help him create more boom seeds. Those monkeys were always getting trapped, so as always she would be able to go on an adventure to get them. All she had to do was return the tiny phantom to a hive. She collected the materials Cosmo needed along the way, presenting them to him as she approached. "Eager to go, I see." Cosmo remarked, raising an eyebrow. Magical smiled nonchalantly, dumping the stuff into the cauldron. “So what if I am? It’s not like these monkeys can survive without getting captured every five seconds.” Cosmo nodded, grabbing 3 boom seeds and handing them to her. "Don't use them all in one place." Magical ran off, the boom seeds and the phantom pressed against her.

She managed to get to the first hive, amazingly, without being noticed. She crouched in some grass and whispered to the small phantom. "Here we are." The thing seemed to cough and collapse onto her paw. She carefully got as close to the hive as possible, until she heard something. She peeked through the grass and through a small hole in the hive. It was fascinating, the floor of it carved with intricate patterns that seemed to change every time you blinked. Inside, there were a few dozen phantoms the same size as the one in her hand and twice that amount of normal sized ones. Five of the normal sized ones seemed to be fighting with the smaller ones, the smaller ones getting smacked against the wall.

Magical winced. It seemed like the small phantom was safer with her after all. She placed a boom seed next to the hive and ran back home, hearing the explosion behind her. “It’ll just be a little bit until we get back home, little guy.” She ran past the hives, leaving a trail of boom seeds behind her. Her brain switched onto autopilot, directing her through the whole adventure without her having to bat an eyelash. She wordlessly unlocked the cages containing the monkeys, ignoring their thanks and the present from Liza as she stepped through the portal back home.

Magical walked past their pets, the sleeping Muddy, and the living room, grabbing her old hood and placing the phantom gently inside. She had no idea what they ate. She pushed her hood under the hammock, taking out a laptop and searching. Of course the Internet didn't have the answer. And Cosmo knew her too well for her to go back and ask him. She had been on too many adventures with him for that. The only way was to talk to Greely, who in her knowledge knew the most about phantoms.

Of course, she was driven off course. The township was so busy, and she had no idea where Greely lived. To tell the truth, she didn’t think anyone, even the rest of the shamans, knew! A few children running tripped her and she swayed around trying to stay upright. “Hurry up, we’re gonna miss it!” Yelled a monkey. Magical ran towards them and kept up with them. “Miss…. what?” She panted, struggling to keep up. “Graham’s gonna tell a story!” Squeaked a rabbit, which was running right next to her. The children stopped as they reached a sort of tree house and started climbing up the ladder.

“I always like a story…” Muttered Magical, scaling the tree trunk without using the ladder and jumping in through the window. If she had no idea where Greely was, maybe she could casually ask Graham about the phantoms. It related to his stories, after all!

“Once upon a time…” Graham began, not noticing the older animal in the room. “…Mira created Jamaa and all of the animals inside it. She blessed her creations with emotion and insight, and all of Jamaa was happy. But one day, the animals got greedy, and hoarded everything for themselves. Mira was dismayed, so she wept a single tear and that drew all the greed out of the animals and mixed it with her tear to create the phantoms. The phantoms were the manifestation of evil. They declared war on the animals because they were jealous of what they had.”

Magical raised her hand as if she was in a classroom. “Let’s say these things have ONE thing in common with us, such as eating. What would they eat?” Graham looked surprised at her sudden appearance. “Well, I don’t know why you’d be interested in that. But it is quite interesting when you think about it. Phantoms feed off of not only dreams, but nightmares as well. That is why you are put to sleep when on adventures. When in a phantom induced sleep, the animals would not wake up until exposed to the magic of Zios. Zios embedded this magic into floating monuments, waking up the animals nearby and teleporting them there. That’s why there are so many on adventures!” Graham explained, his confusion turning to happiness, as if he lived to tell these stories.

Magical left the treehouse smiling. She knew now what the phantom could eat. But when it got older and stronger, how would she wake up? “The magic of Zios is the only way to wake up…” She ran to the temple of Zios, stopping to take a breath before going up to the relic and taking a rock that fell off. The temple’s magic itself helped keep all the civilized areas awake, minus the areas where adventures had to be. She put the rock in her hat. It was heavy, but it was worth it. She walked tiredly home as a wave of fatigue hit her. She had been running around all day, and now it was the time to sleep.

The little phantom opened its one eye and regarded the sleeping animal wearily. He placed two tentacles weakly on the soft edge of the hood and struggled, finally pulling itself over. It crawled over to the orange koala and snuggled into its soft fur. Whatever he had to do, it could wait. This koala made him feel safe.

Magical awoke to the sound of Muddy screaming like a little girl. She sat up quickly, seeing him hiding behind two of their hamsters that were in turn regarding her curiously. She noticed the tiny phantom sitting in her lap. “Muddy, it’s fine.” She said tiredly. “Just don’t tell anybody, ok?” Muddy squeaked, still hiding behind the hamsters. Magical grinned devilishly, picking up the phantom. “Hot potato!” She yelled, waking up the phantom and throwing it towards Muddy. It landed on his head, making him screech like as if Mira herself was angry as Magical walked over and plucked it off.

“We can’t just keep a phantom in our house, Magic! Somebody’s going to find out!” “We can just lock our den, you dumb-butt!” As the two housemates argued, the tiny phantom was playing around with the hamsters; their affectionate nibbles making him make a tiny giggling noise. Muddy looked over, nervously monitoring their play. The tiny phantom wriggled over to the hamsters as they ran away, falling on its face and flapping its tentacles around wildly. Magical laughed. “See? It’s harmless!” “But what about when it grows up?” “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Muddy sighed. “Well, you have to take it with you on adventures. It has to identify you as it’s protector, or else it won’t behave.” Magical nodded, raising an eyebrow. “Want to go on an adventure with us?” Muddy looked at her with an unamused frown. “You know I don’t have any experience with this stuff.” Magical smiled and scooped up the phantom and one of the hamsters, walking to the door. “Well, I guess it’s just you, me, and Zippyfrog.” Magical laughed, looking over her shoulder. “Don’t run off to a pool or something!”

As Magical walked into the base camp, Greely himself was there; everybody looking worried. Magical sat herself next to a member eagle as Greely started to speak. “The phantoms have started to escape from the cages that some Jammers have put in their dens. If you have one, return it immediately. We are also recruiting all Jammers to come with me into the hive, not just members. We need all the help possible. Go to Mira’s statue if you want to fight.” As he backed up into the shadows, Peck jumped off from the roof of the store. “I’m in charge of recruiting teams of Jammers to defend areas from the bunny burrow in the south to Cosmo’s house in the north! I will be at Mt. Shiveer for people who would like to defend!” Peck also backed into the shadows as Liza stepped forward, looking old and tired as if she had been up all night. “Every animal without a shaman will come with me to the Mira statue tomorrow, including the pandas and volunteers. We are going to try to locate and save the other shamans so that we have more support. There’s a war coming, and we have to do everything we can to stop it.”

Magical rushed to Cosmo’s house only to find it completely invaded with phantoms. The instant she saw them, they saw her. She screamed and ran away as the phantoms came after her, their trademark lightning bolts being zapped at her. Magical tripped, Zippyfrog falling out of her arms and hat falling off. Suddenly, the little phantom zoomed out of her hat, tentacles flailing at her attackers just as Cosmo peeked out the window. “Magical!” He yelled, holding up a boom seed and tossing it at the phantoms surrounding her. She scooped up the phantom with her hat and put it on, picking up Zippyfrog as the seed exploded.

A few minutes later, Cosmo was boarding up his windows as Magical huddled in the corner. “I came to tell you that Peck is coming with a defense team.” She whispered. “Well, that’s great!” Shouted Cosmo enthusiastically. “I guess this means I have to go stay in the township though.” He whispered under his breath. He went upstairs to pack his things as Magical curled up into a ball and waited. A few minutes later, Cosmo had packed up the small bit of belongings and books that he had in his house. He peeked between the boards shielding his window and saw a couple of phantoms patrolling the area. “I’m nearly out of boom seeds.” He muttered, tossing a few to Magical. “Make them count.” “Yes sir!” Magical nodded, catching the boom seeds as Zippyfrog ran around panickedly. Magical sighed. She couldn’t put the hamster in her hat, or else Cosmo would hear the giggles of the phantom. She held the boom seeds dangerously in her mouth, Zippyfrog safe in her hands.

Muddy stared at the remaining hamster as it played in the cardboard castle outside. He finally stopped looking out, worriedly thinking about Magical. He decided to go to Crystal Sands, flopping over to the township. Liza and the other alphas were there, saying what they were saying before at the base camp. Muddy flopped over to listen, forehead crinkled in confusion as he listened to what they were saying. He flopped over to the Mira statue as soon as they were finished, pushing thoughts of the beach to the back of his head. “What if Magical gets hurt? I hope she’ll be alright. What if Cosmo isn’t there? What if she runs out of boom seeds? What if… he continued talking to himself, his necklace jangling as he shook in fear. “Oh Zios, I hope she’s alright.”

Muddy looked around as the crowd dispersed. “Maybe it would be better if...No. I can’t do that.” He muttered to himself, glaring at the water like a sworn enemy. He saw others playing around, laying down, and sliding down the slides. He saw scammers, snobs, and just Jammers in general all having fun in the water. “Hey, are you just gonna stand there?” said an unfamiliar voice. Muddy turned around, seeing a blue penguin with light blue swirls all over her body. “The name’s Fabulous Kookyghost!” she chirruped. “You can call me Kooky.” Muddy nodded, still a bit shocked by her sudden appearance. “Come on, all you gotta do is come into the water!” right when Muddy realized what Kooky was about to do he tried to scramble away, but it was too late. The seal was pulled into the water.

=== Kooky grinned. That seal looked like he really needed to get in the water. She frowned, noticing something different. Blue swirls were appearing on the seal’s coat, and he slowly started looking more determined before he let out a victorious laugh. “Finally, that landlubber decided he needed t'a get a bit stronger!" he spoke with a thick pirate accent, something Kooky couldn’t quite wrap her head around. “You okay?” “I be better than okay, lass! Especially now that I can go back t' me ship!” “Your…ship?” replied the penguin, looking around to see if anyone else was paying attention. “Yarr! Me ship! Lass, if ye want t' follow me, you can be me first mate!” Kooky considered following him, curious as to where he would go. “Alright. But only if you promise to come with me later.” “Aye, lass! Follow me!” ===

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Guys, if you want I can add your animal! Not as main characters, but I want people just in case. Say your animal’s name, pattern, and accessories, and we’re set!

I Still Need To Add To The Story, But Please Give Feedback! :3

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