3 whole days. No food. No water. Just Neptune and Reigh in the open. How long could it go on for? Will the first rain fall before the 2 die out?

Chapter One: Neptune and Reigh

Neptune was a female Treeing Walker Coonhound. She was very tough and smart. She's lost all her curiousity. Everything in the dreaded city was just fallen buildings, the occasional half bottle of water, and mold. She was old, and she'd lost her smell.

Reigh was a different story. He was younger than Neptune by 3 years. He was also a Treeing Walker Coonhound, but he was more lively.

The 2 had been together since birth. Their mother, Scout, had Neptune and her lost sister, Jean. When Reigh came along, Neptune felt joy with him automatically. They grew up, scavaging through the cities.

Chapter Three: Scents of Life

Reigh was chasing a skiny squirrel. When he cought up to it, he leaped onto it. He pinned it and bit into it's hard ribs. When he finally killed it, he went to the small pile of rubble they called home. It was only 2 rocks side by side with another rock on top and behind. Lots of blankets and anything they found. He found Neptune in it, and he dropped the squirrel. "Reigh, you can have it." She mumbled. Reigh shook his head and walked out to find something else. He saw a bug crawling and he crunched it. It wasn't the best meal. But it's what they could do.

Reigh looked backwords, glimpsing at his ribs. He was as skinny as Neptune was. He needed food. A bug wasn't going to fill him. He kept walking

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