~Author's Note~

This is a creepypasta, based on the game Falling Phantoms.

Author is Katy.

Sorry if it's hard to read because of the lack of quotation marks, but I did that on purpose for a plot twist at the end.

Also, each chapter is the first name of the character who is talking, so it's easy to figure it out.


You're walking through Kimbara Outback one sunny morning.

Your name is Night Starrymoon.

You walk into the Medical Center, only to hear voices coming from the upstairs hospital beds.

Four patients are there, crammed into their tiny beds.

They introduce themselves one by one.

We're tellin' stories, of how in tarnation we ended up 'ere. The horse smirks.

I'm Snow Dewymoon, says the snow-white she-horse with green eyes.

I'm Ginger Puddlemoon, says the bright orange she-tiger with murky eyes you can't tell the color of.

I'm Thorn Firemoon, says the muscled, black he-rabbit with fiery eyes.

And I'm Sand Lionmoon, says the tan he-lion with amber eyes. Welcome to the Hospital.

You sit down on a stool in the middle of the beds, and the animals start talking.

Y'all listen! neighs Snow. I'm here to tell my story, and I cain't without all y'all talking! Here we go now.


It all started one day when I was goin' through Coral Canyons to buy a new blanket from Jamaa. There were so many Jammers there, it was like tryna find a needle in a haystack. 

Anyway, there was something goin' on. I tried to push my way through that gosh darn crowd, but they just pushed right back at me. So, I asked the nearest fox what was goin' on.