Everyone in Animal Jam knows what a "New Jammer" is- a user waiting to be confirmed appropriate. They are jammers who just signed up for the game. Well, not too long ago, a New Jammer wasn't actually a player...

They were known as "False Jammers." They weren't real players, but simply... a bot. These jammers were controlled by a computer system. AJHQ could play as these bots to monitor the behavior of the other players. They would have to "hack" into the bots to control them manually. This wasn't difficult in any way and wouldn't harm the computer.

Controlling the jammer got harder and harder. It was if the system was fighting back, trying to operate itself. If an AJHQ member tried to move the jammer, it would run the other way. This resulted in taking a long time to finally get the bot to quit its actions. The only way these jammers could talk is having a person type something in and press enter. Things got worse in a matter of days.

Soon, the Animal Jam team could not take over them. They had a mind of their own now. They could now speak to other jammers, and it wasn't pleasant talk. Screaming out insults, scamming and threatening to end all of Animal Jam. The real jammers were frightened by this, but they didn't seem to believe it. Playing along- that's all they were doing.

A few days later, AJHQ couldn't control them anymore. They were the opposite of what Animal Jam was supposed to be. They began to scream curses and threatened jammers until they quit the game. The number of players began to drop. Items were stolen and deleted. The gems were spent on small things, such as necklaces, pillows and mats.

AJHQ had to eradicate all of these bots. An email went out saying sorry to everyone and gave them their items back. Animal Jam would have no false jammers from that day. Nobody would be scammed by the ones who weren't alive. They were put out of existence- the existence they never truly meant to be in...

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