I was making some non-serious stories lately, but this is supposed to be something like a novel. So, I hope you can relate in some way from, and enjoy! ~Rags


Untitled drawing by ashleaf1-d7pswk1

My name is Rosy. Rosy QuiteGem. I am different. I have a mind. Now, look at me like I'm crazy, but what am I doing right now? I am thinking as I write. Other animals on Animal Jam can't do this. They're the dumb ones. You may not think a koala is a hero, but that is what I am, and I think of myself as a hero. YOU would think that I would be hyena, an arctic wolf, a lion, perhaps? No. I am a koala. But don't think I'm proud to be a koala, because really, I'm not. I always wanted to be a lion! An animal that is bowed down to, is brave, is loud, I want to be that. Hmm... Maybe I can. Re-write!

My name is Rosy. Rosy... LoudGem. I am not normal. I have a mind. Now, look at me like I'm crazy, but what am I doing right now? I am thinking as I write. Other animals on Animal Jam can't do this. They're the dumb ones. You may think a Lion is a hero, and you're correct! I am a lion, and I want to be one.

No, no! I can't do that! I can't... Lie! You already know the truth. But,

 let me continue my story. I can think. I talk to my owner... I don't think he can hear me. But, deep down, I know he can. This is MY story. NOT a lion's.

                                Chapter 1: Not this again!

       I woke up as my owner logged on. You would never see your animal with it's eyes closed! But I do get sleepy, I do not like being on for long. I look at the owner's other animals. "Hello!" I yell to the biggest one. He is a lion. But, he doesn't speak much. Sometimes I see him speak! He didn't reply. He simply stood and smiled. I looked at the other animals. They were doing the same thing.  I think to myself.  I don't want to be rude if I say something, but I don't think they would even care, or notice.

Our owner entered our room. He is not that big. He is white, and pointy. But we respect him because he made us. He doesn't speak to us, but I think he has a mind. He seems to be smart. He chose the lion. He ALWAYS choses the lion. His name is Correy, or at least, thats what we call him. His real name is Emperor BraveMajor, but I like Correy better. My owner never choses me. This is why I want to be a lion. Or, at least, another reason. I don't deserve this. I am a good girl.

I looked at my only friend, a panda named Mistress DirtHour. I like her because of her name, but she doesn't speak. If I'm correct, the name was going to be added in the beta days, but it was removed because AJHQ thought it would be offensive. But I think it's the perfect name. I would want that name if I can choose. But I can't, and this can be proven in many ways. My owner is not always nice to us. One time, he made a giraffe named Stinky GassyMonster. As if it couldn't get worse. But the next day, our owner didn't even play him once, and he... He... DELETED HIM! No animal wants to be deleted, or recycled, technically.

Please, owner. Even though you never play with me, please don't delete me. I don't want to be deleted. Or, recycled, technically.

                                  Chapter 2: Is this my imagination?

It was five hours later. I was slowly falling asleep. As I close my eyes, something zaps my neck! I'm immediately forcefully awakened. Why won't my owner log out? It was as if my prayers were answered as my owner entered our room. Was he finally logging off? I was wrong. My heart started pounding as he clicked the Recycle Button. I DON'T WANT TO BE RECYCLED!!! I wailed. But I knew the owner couldn't hear me. What was going on?! Even worse, he was pointing at me. Right before he was going to click me, I saw his face.

What was I looking at? It definitely didn't look like a little kid, or something white and pointy. He didn't have much hair. He only had some above his forehead, and the rest was bald. He looked old. Very old. He looked as if he were 64, but that is only my guess. As I narrowed my eyes at him, he had grey hair above and under his lips. I thought this game was for little kids, not old people! He chuckled as he was about to click me. But, his mouse slipped and clicked... Correy. "CORREY... DON'T GO!!!" My owner yelled. Correy was clawing at the air as the button sucked him down. I was in shock as Correy was clawing at the walls so hard that his paws started bleeding. I watched in horror as Correy was being sucked down. It all went too fast as just two second later, Correy was gone.

I hope he's okay. Rumor has it that a crocodile lives where animals get recycled, and kills them! Correy seemed nice, I hope he lives. Tears rushed down my owner's face as he whispered,"Why did I do that..." A moment later, he stared at me. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!" He screamed. I thought he was going to log out, but he did something worse. He lifted up his fist, stared at his hands for a moment, and punched the screen where I saw him as it shattered into pieces. The entire screen turned black, and it faded away. Why is this happening? I thought to myself. Now I would always be alone. Nobody would even know I existed! A single tear rushed down my face. Just then, I felt something tap my shoulder. As I turned around, I saw Mistress DirtHour. She smiled and said "Don't worry, I'm here for you!"

To be continued...