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Now imagine a school where you study your fandoms! You share a dorm with the people who are on your level of loving your main fandom ( Flip out at every mention , loves it , really likes it ) You have classes for your ships and stuff like that!

Icy sat in her little dorm wondering who was gonna walk through that door , on the top of the door it said " extreme undertale fans". She pulled out her class list and looked. Fanfiction-SFW was on the top , first class of the day , next was the Saniel ship class with Frasriel under it. Just as she looked to the next thing ,someone very loud threw open the door and yelled in a hyper voice " WHO'S MY DORM MATE!?" Icy looked up from her list and saw a husky with curled horns going around her ears. Icy took off her reading glasses " Hey Tech ". Tech set her laptop down and hugged the small fox " Hey Icy!"



Icy put her laptop in her bag and grabbed her reading glasses " See you Tech " and walked out the door. She popped into her fanfic class and sat down. An orange lion stood at the front. " Hello class. " He said " I am professor Roarsburg ". Icy smiled " Hello Prof. Roarsburg!". The Professor smiled, he then told everyone to pull out their laptops. Icy pulled out her Asus and set it down. Professor Roarsburg made sure everyone had their laptops out and announced that they need to open skype and start a mass conversation. After Icy had logged on and put her headphones on she put in the chat " Miss icyfox is here ". She recognized a few names , Nicole , Shy , and Kawaii. As she looked at everyone in the chat she saw the name of her worst enemy, Sugar. Icy looked around the room and her eyes became locked on a grey Sugar Glider with a black stripe down her back. Sugar turned around and they gave each other menacing glares.

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