One day years ago, AJHQ was making a new animal, the hippo. This time, they made one in the game.

"What should we call it?" asked a member of ajhq "Fatty?"

"Yes!" Said another member.

A member pulled the red lever to create a hippo. The hippo took time to be created. Three hours passed, it was finally created. When the member woke up, the hippo was gone, he had escaped.

The hippo was in kimbara outback. A lion came down from the bridge above. His name was "King stinkylion", he wore a king's crown. King clawed Fatty, Fatty took the blood coming out and drew a smile on King's face.

"How are you doing?", asked Fatty in a happy voice, in no fear whatsoever.

King head butted Fatty to jamaa township.

"Oh, an unreleased animal!" said a deer.

People crowded the area arctic wolves said they were recording. Wolves did the surprised thing. Pandas sat, eating. Tigers danced. All jamaa surrounded Fatty. All of other jamaa was empty. Fatty put on angel wings and flew to temple of zios. An elephant was dancing there. The elephant looked at Fatty, and glared at him good.

"Hey!" Said Fatty. The elephant charged into him sending him back to the lab. The AJHQ member turned back the lever and removed the hippo from the game.

The end :)

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