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This story is a possible backstory for FMAN (FMAN122), and is certainly not the truth. It is based on the popular rumour that FMAN's name stands for the months in which he sends out a virus.


It was another day in the life of F. Hacquer, a rather boring one at that. He was sitting at his favourite seat in his favourite coffee-shop. Typing away on his laptop, F tried to think of something to do. He looked at the date in the corner of his screen. It was February 1. Not remembering anything in particular that happened on February 1, F walked out of the shop and headed towards his college. He was a student at Hackers United, an academy founded by F's father, F. Sr.

F realised he had better things to be doing with his time than studying. He wanted to put his hacking skills to the test. And so he left the academy and crept into his own basement, where he stayed - surviving on fruit punch juice boxes and black licorice - until the first of May. F, tired and worn-out from a lot of planning, went back to school. He continued his studies until August 1, when the college was closed for the summer. Not having anything to do, F waited some more.

On November 1, F was ready. He collected his things and went to the local hardware store, where he bought one extra-long cable wire. F then walked to the F-WB Radio Station and connected his cable to his computer and the other end to the radio antenna. Sending out a premature version of the virus that would become Awesome Sunnybrave, F's dark deed was soon discovered - and he was kicked out of Hackers United.

Now without a complete education and barely any respect, F thought about his past year. The dates that stood out were the first days of February, May, August, and November. F then got an idea. An evil idea.

February 1 came again, and F researched popular online games to find that "Animal Jam" was one of the newest. "Newest means most vulnerable," said F, quoting his old hackery teacher. F typed "" into his browser and signed up. "Awesome Sunnybrave, hmm. Sounds F-worthy," F told himself. He then changed his animal's appearance - a wolf - to resemble what he felt inside. Red, black, and white - no, not because of his inner rage, because of all that fruit punch and black licorice he had to live off of.

F sent out his first virus to prove to his old friends and teachers at Hackers United what a gifted hacker he was. His last name was Hacquer, after all. The virus lasted a good while, tearing inner machinations of the game apart. Sending "Jam-A-Grams" to users, deteriorating their accounts, and much more was in store for the victims of ol' F's virus.

F dubbed his virus the "FMAN" - named after him and the days he remembered so. He waited until each day to send out a new virus. However, on November 1, the runners of Animal Jam - "AJHQ," the players called them - discovered the source of the FMAN virus and shut it down for good. FMAN and its creator were done for.

F, now known by his nickname "FMAN," would return to Hackers United - where he would be used as an example of a failed hacker. And his virus would be used again - to show new students the mistakes of hacking. FMAN would never hack again...or so he thought.

I think it's time for F.M.A.N. Origins 2: The F-Bomb.

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