FemaleM122 is another version of Fman122. Her card name is Major Fierybrave. She has white fur with a blue lightning pattern, and completely white effeminate eyes. She can be found in Tigris, at Appondale.

Part 1: The Broken Secret

FemaleM122 seems very nice when you meet her in Animal Jam, but beware, she is very evil, and sly. Do you want to know what she does? Continue if you're curious. If you reveal your username and password online, she will hack you, take off all of your friends, uses up all of your gems, recycles all of your items and clothes, and puts you in a very weird pattern.

Part 2: Suffering

Many jammers have suffered from this and have been complaining. Here are what victims have said: "I can't believe it! I lost all of my rares, and my best friend hates me now!"-Major Majorwolf "I literally cried when I found out that I've been hacked. Why would anyone do this?!"-Prince Sunnybrave "Well, there goes my betas :/"-Amazing Icydolphin

When the hacked jammer goes on AJ (right after he/she has been hacked) there will be a Jam-a-Gram telling them to go to their den. When they go FemaleM122 will be there to tell them that they've been hacked, and then, the victim will be permanently banned from Animal Jam.

Part 3: Identity

In real life, FemaleM122 is a 13 year old boy, who likes to mess with people, and killed his mother at age 10. His real name is Letmesniff Yourbuttskins. He is Chinese with a lost eye and is abused by his older siblings. On his birthday (March, 13) he gets this device to deactivate all membership for members until the end of August. He is said to be dark and have reddish hair.

Part 4: The End of Him

  Coming Soon...

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