Fman122, Lost Jammer, wretchedjungle, mightysquad... and all kinds of hacker you could think about, but not this hacker, he's a secret, he's a hacker, unlike other hackers, there's a few ways to avoid his hack.

Tell everyone to open their den but you'll lock your den, he'll aim anyone that open their den first

Avoid meeting him in Sol Arcade

Block him before you buddy him and offline for an hour

But nobody knows about his hack, his story, he hack people secretly, they don't even know they got hacked, he's an old worker that AJ hired him to hack....

Do jammer know? Why AJ keep the secret to us? Why DON'T they ban all kind of hacks and have more security?.

We should start over cause if we go straight in the middle of the story it would be a little confusing:

He became a jammer in 2015 and became a hacker in 2016. Before that, he was a shop seller, Aj found him when he's shopping and hired him to hack, the thing that nobody know ( even me, the storyteller) is: Why do they hire him?.

Not much info about him but some smarty jammer know when he was born but not much people know, as I heard, he was born in 2003, he's now 14.. there's a  quiz for the readers: he plays aj on many account or just one? Easy but this quiz is a trap.

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