It all started when cats were avalible as animals. Everything was peaceful. And then there was fireycat. poor fiery. he actually needed items. so he shouted out " i need items!' but he got reported. the reason he doesnt have any items is because he got shipped from his peaceful home of temple of zios to noisy jamaaa township. unfortunatelly, all his gems and items needed to stay in his home. one day someone gifted him something. a bow. not a bow and arrows, but a red tail bow with a fire pattern on it.he said to the jammer who gifted him it ' what is this? ' the jammer didn't answer. but he had the smiley emote above his head which never seemed to fade away. after awhile, he said use it to get gifts. now fierycat hacks players to repay them for their meanness. so the lesson is... if someone wants items, either give it to them, or ignore.

P.S The message below was his last words.

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