Chapter 1: Blossoming Stars

Greely had just recently married another wolf named Iciamiore. They loved each other dearly. What they didn't know was that a baby was on the way - a prophecied baby. Iciamiore approached Greely one day with some very unusual news - "Lisa recognized that I'm pregnant!" The two of them squealed in glee, Greely eager to teach his daughter, or son, how to use magic. Iciamore wanted to teach her child herbalism. 3 months later, she was in the Alpha nursing hospital, ready to deliver her child. Mira was there (yes, she was) just in case there was anything unusual or wrong with the baby. "Push!" all the Alphas cheered. Cosmo was using natural lotions to soothe Iciamore while the baby was being delivered. She screamed as the whole baby came out. "It's a girl!" everyone cooed. The baby cried, and as she was doing this, Greely went outside and saw the stars were in the shape of blooming flowers. He rushed back into the nursing hospital and told everyone what he had seen. "Ah," Mira said calmly, "This child is the prophecied Peace Bringer, for it is said that the stars in the sky will blossom and her birthmark is a vine around her front right leg." Greely looked at said leg, and the unusual birth mark was there. "One more thing -" She added. "Phantoms will freeze in her presence." Everyone was excited. Iciamore said, "Let's name her Firfya!"

Chapter 2: Rollercoaster of Surprise

Firfya, now a young teen, was an expert in both herbalism and magic. She had never been near any phantoms yet or heard of them, however. Greely and Iciamore watched her play happily in their den yard, when suddenly, they felt a dark presence. "Firfya, it's the phantoms!" Greely shouted. "Please get over here!" "Phantoms?" Firfya replied. "What are those? Maybe they would like to play with me!" Iciamore face-pawed herself. "Greely, I told you we should've introduced her to phantoms when she was young!" Suddenly, the phantom king himself barged into the yard, the foilage immediately becoming polluted and thorns sprouting. Apparently, the prophecy of phantoms freezing in her presence only worked with regular phantoms, not with royal ones. Firfya cowered in fear despite not having any knowledge of phantoms. Greely prepared one of his spells just in case the king harmed his daughter. Iciamore simply called the other alphas over just in case they needed backup. "FOOLS!" the Phantom King exclaimed. "I know of the prophecy, but your DAUGHTER isn't going to stop me!" He conjured up a magic bubble, capturing Firfya in it. Greely launched his spell at the king, at which the villain promptly dodged it. The rest of the alphas arrived, but it was too late. Phantom king had kidnapped Firfya, and her being the child of a prophecy, the phantoms were sure to sap away all of her magic and become even more powerful. Meaning... they could succeed in taking over Jamaa.

Chapter 3: Breaking Free

With the kidnapping of Firfya, things in Jamaa haven't been doing so good. Jammers in adventures would sometimes reach the end only to know they've lost with a "Sorry, but the phantoms seem to be much more powerful. We couldn't stop them!" Phantom thorns started to sprout in Jamaa Township, especially near the Mira Statue. They ended up closing Adventures to stop the horrible reality, but this didn't cease chaos. Greely and Iciamore did everything they could to stop the darkness, but it seems that Firfya's magic was really helping the phantoms in a bad way. Cosmo even made himself present at the township to tell everyone he couldn't cure the plants anymore. Well, that chaos was about to change. Firfya was being held at the Phantom Factory, but the Alphas haven't figured out how to use the phantom beacon yet. Laying in a cage helpless, she weakly howled as if she were with her parents once more. Then, Firfya suddenly remembered a spell Greely taught her that could change corrupt objects to those of light and hope. She targeted the large machine that made the Phantoms, and launched the spell at it. If she could at least make one of the phantoms that came out of there good, she could possibly escape! But that spell weakened her greatly, seeing as the Phantoms drained out most of her magic, so it was a one-time shot. All she could do was wait and hope that it worked. The vine birthmark disappeared too, seeing as it was supporting and the source of Firfya's magic. Suddenly, lights started coming out of the dark machine, and it spewed out a little phantom bunny! The bunny shook its head, dazed. It looked at itself, and quickly realized that it was different from the other Phantom animals. It had teal markings instead of purple, and its eyes were green with a slight hint of violet. This was Firfya's key to freedom! Arbinacor (as I will call the good phantom bunny) used its ears to its advantage and freed Firfya. It even gave her some of the magic embedded inside it, causing the vine birthmark to reappear once again. She became stronger, even gaining the ability to levitate, something her father didn't teach her. However, this was at the cost of Arbinacor's strength, as it fell through the air, unable to use its ears to fly. Firfya rescued it, and dashed out before any other phantom could see them.

Chapter 4: Climbing the Tower

Firfya escaped the phantom landscape, arriving in a peaceful farmland not discovered yet. Arbinacor was gasping for air in her paws, so she transferred some of her magic to her newfound friend. It immediately sprang to life, saying its first few words since creation: "Thank you!" Firfya looked around for anything to get back home or defeat the phantoms, and she saw some things she didn't please; a phantom fortress with no visible entance! It had jagged sides, yet it only had one visible tower. There seemed to be a magical orb at the top, secured by dragon-claw-like spikes. Both of them looked at each other, and both said the same thing: "We're going to climb that thing!" It was in the distance, however, so it took about an hour for them to get over there. (Fun fact: Arbinacor can fly high, but it can't fly for more than around 15 minutes. More-of-a-real Fact: Firfya used her levitation powers to arrive to the farmland, but the powers died off after that.) When the pair arrived at the tower, it was taller than they thought - but luckily, it seemed like it took 15 minutes to ascend the tower, so Firfya agreed with Arbinacor that she would climb and it would fly up. When they reached the top, they were about to claim the orb when Arbinacor shouted, "Look out! The kings are coming!"

Chapter 5: Claiming what's Rightfully Yours

Firfya rose her head up, and she saw 5 king phantoms flying towards her! "Firfya! I know this sounds crazy, but I think I can sacrifice the magic inside of me to stop them! Then you can return to your parents safe and sound," Arbinacor gasped. "And maybe... one day I'll come back and be your friend!" This was cut short when the tower was shaken by one of the king's tentacles. Seeing as the kings were trying to get rid of them, this really was an unwise action, as the orb fell off the tower, shattering when it hit the ground and magic flying out in the form of wisps. All the rest of the phantom kings were trying to catch them, but they failed. The one which was shaking the tower then turned to directly attacking the pair, and that's when Arbinacor gave up his life. Firfya started crying, seeing as her peaceful phantom friend (creation) had given up its life too soon, but at the advantage in releasing more magic which destroyed the phantom fortress. The tower crumbled into the ground, carrying Firfya with it. Light consumed the farmland, but when it cleared, it was even more beautiful than before. It was replaced with a glimmering large cave, a perfect enviroment for gloworms, bats and more cave animals. The fallen fortress was no longer there, no presence of the kings. Only Firfya lay there, confused and dazed. She got some herbs to create a memory potion, then dusted herself off and set off for home.

Greely was worried hopeless, worried about his daughter. Sure, he could try to locate where she was using the phantom beacon, but he hadn't figured out how to use the phantom beacon. Iciamore was worried sick, too. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the front door. They both opened the door, fully lost hope that their daughter would come back. They were truly amazed when their own daughter was at the door, wagging her tail happily to see her parents. *Skip foward 1 week* Firfya was lounging in the front yard, longing to have Arbinacor back. Suddenly, she saw a rabbit in the yard, looking exactly like Arbinacor except its main fur was white. She though this was Arbinacor's return, gently picking him up and into the house. She let her parents know of her belated friendship with Arbinacor, and the good phantom version of him which died. Greely allowed the rabbit to live with them, and it was a miniature adventure every day since!

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