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 Hi. This is an Animal_Jam_Wikia_Adventures! Story. It is based on the Indie Horror P.C. Game, Five Nights At Freddy's™. Yes, I am aware, of the still un-finished stories, Roses, Lives, and Palette Knives, and Re :: The Cybernetic World. The Cybernetic World :: Third And Final, is currently on hiatus, for I am waiting for the final votes. In the meantime, I had decided. This will be my primary responsibility, until the votes finish. 


   ???'s P.O.V. 

 It was my shift, this time. The Night Shift. I've heard the stories, I've heard the tales, but, well, it sounds like nonsense. So, I finally have the opportunity, to prove them wrong. They said: 

 "The Night Shift.. It's so.. Dangerous. I'd feel bad, for whoever got that job." 

 "Th-the Night Shift! Where masked demons dressed in costumes.. They devour your flesh!" 

 "The Night Shift? I wouldn't suggest going there, pal."

 Seriously? Did they really, really, expect me to believe that? Freddy Fazbear, and his friends, Chica The Yellow Chicken, Bonnie The Bunny, and even Foxy The Pirate Fox, were said to torture people, from small children, to even adults. I've heard of The Bite Of '87, yeah. Really? I'd like to meet that person, that got bit. 

 As I stepped into the lobby, chips from the cracked tiles disintegrated, under my boots. Like pebbles underfoot. I made my way towards the office, whereas the floor changed from soft tile, to gray floorboards. The rotted wooden planks for a floor groaned with a nearly comical cracking. How was this place still open? 

 I sat down in my office, threw my canvas pack onto the rose wood desk, and sat down in the dusty, black, cushioned chair. By dusty, I mean very, very, very dusty. When I had practically fallen into my seat, a cloud of dust had billowed out. Leaving me in a brief, yet worthwhile coughing fit. After that, I glanced at the dimming digital clock, which glowed a faint scarlet. It read 10:40 P.M. 

 Testing--and not totally not messing with--the lights and doors, I shut both of the doors, switched off the lights, and leaned back in my chair, casually flicking through the tablet viewing the rooms, which the security cameras watched, and viewed on the tablet. 

 This was going to be so easy.. 

 ~Time skip~ 

 It was 4:55 A.M. Nothing major happened, so far. Except, well, I saw Bonnie backstage. Only once, though. Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie had their heads turned in the direction of the camera, on the stage. I didn't know what joke somebody was playing, but they should have left. It's pitch-black, and, if the jokester was a kid, they would have fallen asleep, already. 

 I heard a knock on the left door. The manager? What was he doing, at this time of night? Setting down my mug of black coffee, I pause.

 A tangible heaviness fell upon my ears, and the air went cold. 

 My hand had pressed the button, opening the door. 

 There was Foxy. With his steel pirate's hook raised.

 Before I could even scream, Foxy had screeched: 


 Before everything went dark. 

 Chapter 1 :: The Pizzeria 

 "Hey, guys!" Puppy shouted, shooting straight into the newly-built Wikia Shed, where all of the Administrators, Bureaucrats, Chat Moderators, and even the Custodians sat on the tawny, cushioned couches, and the other Users were in the other rooms. "Look at what I got in the mail!" 

 Everyone held up the same coupon that Puppy had, which caused her to make the "..Wow." face. 

 The Wiki had several special special guests, this month. They were named Kassiden, Kyrus, Radii, Lockjaw, and Trigara. Despite them being Asmodeous Paradoxicus Z's O.C.'s, they had somehow made it to the real world. Users often asked how she did this, but she said nothing. 

 "A coupon to some place called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." Gray commented, reading over the glossy, pizza-themed title line. 

 "..Sounds stupid." Pi, one of the Custodians, commented. "Like Chuck-E'-Cheese." 

 "Eh. We should still go and try it." Dia said. "Besides, I already was in the mood for pizza, anyway." 

 Out of nowhere, a massive barrage of questions came flooding from the room that the K's were in. 

 "Freckled Jesus on a couch, are the Users asking the K's questions AGAIN?" Dia asked, exasperated. "Kyrus nearly got smothered in fan-girls last week." 

 "..Heh." Icefern chuckled. 

 As the righted Users headed into the kitchen room, where Kyrus and Kassiden were sitting next to each other. Which brought some quiet murmurs about the shipping that Caspiea had made. 

 "Kassiden, how do you feel about your new leg?" Mabel, a fellow User on the Wiki, asked the quiet Kassiden. 

 "..New leg?" Kyrus flinched, then looked at Kassiden. "You didn't tell me, Kassiden." 

 "Well, I didn't want to." Kassiden spat, then didn't say anything else to the virus, scowling. 

 After several more rows of questions from the Users, one User, which was named Huntited, had asked: 

 "Kassiden, how did you get your prosthetic, and how's it like in the Cybernetic World?" 

 Kassiden, who had been silently eating a bowl of chicken noodle soup--he had a mild cold--had flinched, a slightly traumatized, wide-eyed look replaced his arrogant scowl. 

 Kyrus had flinched too, and his feline-like tail bristled, while Kassiden had dropped the spoon he was holding, and he clasped a hand over his mouth, looking like he was going to throw up. 

 "Hey!" Caspiea shouted, walking in front of the table Kyrus and Kassiden were at, while Kyrus was trying to put Kassiden at ease. "Quit asking nosy questions about the Cybernetic World and his prosthetic!" 

 Cas, who was known for fiercely defending her O.C.'s--and resorting to drastic measures beforehand--had glared at Hunt, who had quickly said: 

 "I'm sorry! I really am! I didn't know he was trying to forget, I really didn't.." Hunt looked down, feeling guilty. 

 "ANYWAY." Puppy shouted, clapping her hands together. "I sort of want to head to that pizza place. I'm hungry!" 

 "Yeah, sure." Gray said, waving his hand with absentminded assent. "Let's go. Anybody have money?" 

 "I do." Silver, Gray's best friend, said, shoving a hand into the pocket of his black cargo jeans, and pulling out what seemed like at least ten 20 dollar bills. 

 "..What the Heck?" Uni said, gaping. 

 "..Don't ask." Silver said. "Please. My parents said that they wanted me to have a crap ton of money so I don't have a lack of the stuff whenever I buy something." 

 "Why did--" Nunya began, before Caspiea had performed the classic, interrupting gun shot to Nunya's head, making a gun shape with her hand. 

 "Shot!" CJ shouted, throwing her arms up. 

 "..Okay, then." Hawk mumbled, an eyebrow raised. "Let's go. I heard you can make your own pizza!" 

   Kyrus's P.O.V. 

   I was still a bit wary about Kassiden's prosthetic. Why hasn't anybody told me? Why? Did they think I would, what, cry like a fool? No. They should have told me. Lying makes things worse. Fools. 

 While we were walking down the street on the sidewalk, following the directions to the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza place, I felt something was wrong. Or someone was missing? I looked around. 

 Kassiden was gone. 

 "DAMN!" I shouted, glitching like a fiend, before I realized I wasn't in the Cybernetic World anymore, and I ceased my glitching. "Kassiden went missing!" 

 "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Puppy screeched. "Why did Kassiden leave?" 

 "How should I know?!" I snarled. "Let's split up and find him. Let's meet near the corner of the pawn shop after an hour." 

 "..Fine." Icefern face-palmed. 

 ~Time Skip; no one's P.O.V.~ 

 "He should be here.." Radii mumbled, trying to sound professional. "..Somewhere.." 

 "But.. Where..?" Trigara murmured, looking up and around. 

 "Oh, my God!" Kyrus shouted. 

 "What--Aah!" Radii asked, before looking up and seeing a silohuette. 

 It was Kassiden. The breeze was lightly blowing so his hair was already gently waving in the wind, while he stood on top of a massive skyscraper. Then, to everyone's absolute surprise, he had crouched down, and leaped over the edge, did one forward somersault, and waited as he plummeted. 

 "What--" Kyrus flinched, paralyzed. 

 "Not so fast!" Radii shouted, before adruptly leaping up across the slick glass of the building windows, leaping off, and grabbing Kassiden, practically hugging him with both of her arms. A few moments passed, before both Radii and Kassiden had thudded hard into the steaming tarmac. 

 Radii, who used to be about as strong as a 6 year old and having the confidence of a 10 year old, was under Kyrus and Kassiden's strict training, and had become far faster and stronger than she could have been. After she had somewhat rescued Kassiden from potential suicide, she turned on him. 

 "What were you thinking?!" Radii shouted, wailing at Kassiden. "That would have killed you if I didn't come and save you clumsy!" 

 "..Should have." Kassiden murmured, stirring only slightly. "..Should have." 

 "Were you trying to--" Radii began. 

 "It's none of your business." Kassiden murmured. 

 "Well, then!" Radii hissed. "Excuse me for saving you!" 

 "..Don't worry about it." Kassiden murmured, slowly getting to his feet. "I slipped, that's all.." 

 Radii let out a scowly huff of incredulous despair. 

   Once everybody had re-united near the corner of the pawn shop, Kassiden was barraged with angry questions like: "Where'd you go?" or "Dang it, Kassiden. Why'd you leave?" and things of the like. 

 Asmodeous just watched the rest of the Wiki interrogate Kassiden with exasperated questions laced with thorns of incredulous anger. For some reason, she felt a tight feeling of depression squeeze her heart, and, being able to feel what her characters could feel, knew it was Kassiden's feelings. She never felt such sadness in the antagonist ever since Kassiden was first created. Only a fiery arrogance. Radii was clearly as exasperated as could be, angered and viciously curious as can be at her teacher's behavior. Trigara and Lockjaw were neutral, their feelings as they should be. Kyrus was another story, he was clearly blazing with angry exasperation. 

 It even got to the point where Kyrus had lashed out and pinned Kassiden against a brick wall, but somehow, none of the public fair-goers noticed. 

 "Kassiden!" Kyrus growled, his turquoise-blue eyes nearly glowing with the anger of a ticked off virus. "I thought that you'd never contemplate such idiocy! What's gotten into you?!" 

 Kassiden, who was silent the entire time, looked down, slightly looking at the floor next to him, and Asmodeous could clearly see he was shut-eyed and on the verge of depressed tears. 

 "H-Hey!" Asmodeous shouted, instantly shutting everybody up. She was at Kyrus's side in an instant, and had him by the collar just as he had with Kassiden. 

 Soon, Asmodeous had everyone in fear--except Lockjaw--because she had drawn out a dagger that was terrifyingly curved, the point of the knife held half an inch at Kyrus's throat.

 "Now, hear this!" Asmodeous snarled, pressing Kyrus against the wall with her side, the knife held in both of her hands. "Don't lash out at Kassiden for nonsense! Especially with questions as stupid as yours! Now, don't bother him anymore! He already had to go under reconcilement with Kyrus earlier today thanks to SOMEONE--" She glared at Hunt. "Now, shut your mouths, or I'll make you!" 

 Radii, who was just a moment ago shaking with anger, was now violently trembling with fear. Asmodeous threw Kyrus from the wall, and glared at him a bit, with him staring at her incredulously. Proceeding to hand Kassiden his 'Theraputic Rubiks' Cube', she briefly watched Kassiden start tentatively try solving it, then walking off towards Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Kassiden trailing behind. 

 "..Well, then!" Gray said, crossing his arms. "That was interesting!" He turned to Hawk. "Remind me to put her under a demotion vote!" 

 "..Gray, that's just extreme. Shut up about it." Hawk sneered. 

 "..Fine." Gray said, rolling his eyes. 

 Kyrus was muttering the entire trip to the pizzeria. 

 {Special Chapter} 

   ???'s P.O.V. 

 I was busy messing around in the ball pit. It was pretty deep. Deep enough to dive into it like a swimming pool. All I saw was color and plastic. All I heard were the small smacks of balls in the ball pit thudding against one another. I failed to hear the customers of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza slowly file out. I failed to hear my mother's distressed calls for me. I eventually took a nap smothered under the millions of plastic spheres over me.. 

 When I woke up, I realized where I was. I was not in bed. I was not in my room. I was not even in my house. Much less near it. A massive quake of panic shot through me, and my eyes burned with hot tears of fear and guilt. Why'd I fall asleep? Am I that stupid? How will I get home? 

 I slowly stepped out of the ball pit, hoping maybe a janitor or security guard is around. I couldn't see anybody about. Nobody. No one but Freddy, Chica, Bonnie.. 

 "Freddy, maybe you can help me, right?" I asked, turning to the brown bear with his small top hat and microphone. "Maybe you can sing me to tomorrow, right? Will you help me?" 

 Freddy seemed to nod, and Bonnie and Chica seemed to slightly turn their heads. I smiled. 

 "I knew you all loved us." I said to Freddy, giving him a hug. "You'll help me, right? You can do it?" 

 Freddy slightly blinked. 

 "Okay, I'll be back." I walked off to look for an exit. 

 I headed into the East Hall. The posters of Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica sagged from the walls, the gray adhesive cracking and dissolving. The rotting walls drunkenly guarded the other rooms. I heard a rustle. 

 "What?" I yelped, looking around. 

 I quickly headed backstage, where I heard it, curiosity gripping my head. 

 I saw a lone animatronic behind the maintenance table, its vibrant Turquoise-Blue eyes appearing half-closed and sad. Mechanical sounds rang out as it turned its head. It appeared to have one eye covered. 

 "Hi there, fella.." I murmured, holding my hand out. "You seem new.." 

 As I was a foot away from it, its jaw dropped down, its seemingly locked mouth now revealing long, sharp teeth. I stumbled back, but my back knocked against a cold metal leg. I heard the door swing shut with a creak. I screamed, but this was a sound-proof room, so nobody could hear me.. 

 The other animatronic that shut the door had glowing purple eyes, but in the glow I could see that one eye was smashed in, revealing a jagged hole, that looked like it spiraled into darkness. 

 "Someone! Help me, please!" I screamed, scrambling over to the door and banging on it until my hands hurt. 

 The blue-eyed animatronic had me by the back of my sweater, and its jointed hand was raised up, and had re-configured itself into five long, knife-like claws. I screamed so hard that my throat was ripped raw. 

 All I saw was red after that.. 

 Chapter 2 :: "Welcome, to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!" 

     Kassiden's P.O.V.

 Me and Asmodeous were the first to enter the overly-cheery threshold of.. What was it called.. I looked at my coupon. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Sounded stupid.. 

 The colors in there nearly had me retch. Purple, yellow, and, lord help me, pink. Reminded me of Opposite Kassiden. They were complete opposites of us K's. My opposite was pink, girly, a straight-up naivete fool. Luckily, I wasn't the only one to suffer. Kyrus's opposite was, absolutely not, tech savvy. Kyrusiden's opposite had the I.Q. of a rock in terms of weapons. 

 "Ack." I let out a choked sound of disgust. "This place is too cheerful." 

 "I know, right?" Asmodeous rolled her eyes. 

 Soon, everyone else began filing in. Puppy instantly screamed in delight when she saw the purple rabbit playing its guitar on the stage, along with the little teddy bear and.. Duck? Chicken? I don't give a flying knife to my neck about what it was. 

 The only thing worthwhile was the messed-up Fox robot tucked behind a purple curtain adorned with stars. It would have made a great weapon.. 

 Apparently, me and Kyrus had to sit next to each other. Ack. I still know of that dumb shipping between us. 

 Hope I get through this absolute idiocy. 

 The band of animal robots on the stage began playing their tinkly jingles. Too kid-friendly. 

 Everyone had ordered the basic pepperoni pizza--even though I knew the majority of the Users there wanted something else--but Radii and Trigara got what looked like a milk shake. Kyrus and I didn't eat anything. Lockjaw just read a book. 

 After the pizza had come and everyone was busy eating, I noticed Kyrus kept rubbing the temples of his head with his fingers. Well, he's been having a ton of migraines recently, so I didn't bother him about it. Seemed childish to, anyway.. 

 ~Time Skip; No one's P.O.V.~ 

 "What now?" Mango waved her hand in a circle, dismissively. "This place is boring." 

 "Eh." Gray glanced at the skylight, seeing a hawk file by. 

 "Look!" Radii pointed at the Hawk. "It's Roadhawk! Where's he going?" 

 Puppy smacked a hand over her mouth, trying to hold in a laugh. 

 "Hey, now." Hawk shook his can of soda with his hand. "I'm right here." 

 "FINE, FINE." Radii hissed stubbornly. 

 By now, everyone had sat there for so long, Lockjaw had fallen asleep, his head resting on his crossed arms on the table. Trigara was combing a hand through his hair. 

 "Aww, look at that." Trigara noticed Lockjaw's ear was just slightly twitching. "Even the darkest heterochromics have dreams." 

 "D'aaw." Nunya reached over to pet Lockjaw's head, but his eyes fluttered open, and Nunya yelped and shot back into her seat. 

 "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza will be closing, soon." The intercom sparked to life, noise and static intervening with most of the speech. "Please leave the building as soon as possible." 

 "..Huh." Chief took all of this in. "It's only 5. Why would they close so soon?" 

 "Maybe they need everyone out to repair the animatronics?" Uni raised an eyebrow. "Or they just close early?" 

 "..Wait." Asmo quickly strode over towards one of the animatronics, sniffing. She came up to Freddy, the mascot of the pizzeria, and she drew back immediately, waving her hand up and down as if she had smelled something terrible. "Ack. Those animatronics smell like a carcass. I saw stains on their fur, too." 

 "That's so ratchet." Uni commented. Puppy choked on her pizza, and started laughing. 

 "...Okay, then." Ice murmured. 

 "... Alright." Kyrus murmured, slightly tilting his head. 

 "'Ey." Ice pushed Nunya's head down so she sat back down--and banged her head on the plastic table in the process--and looked at the clock hanging above the stage. "We should be leaving, now. Isn't worth talking in a place with corpse-ish robots." 

 "..Yeah. Seriously, look at the colors of this place." Kassiden scowled, Kyrus was tinkering with a small, iPod-like device. 

 "..We might as well." Gray sighed, taking one last sip of soda. "Let's go." 

 Before they got up, the power went out.

 "Blast!" Radii hissed. "I can't see!" "Anybody got a light?"

 Gray looked around, counting heads. 

 "Well.." Kyrus took out a small, iPod-like device, which was black, and glowing with turquoise circuits indenting its surface. "I have this. It's bright enough."

 "Okay. That'll do." Chief approved. "Let's go!"

 They managed to stumble to the crowded front door, people banging on its glass windows, yelling. They managed to sneak past them, and tugged at the handle. Locked.

 "Blast!" Radii swore childishly again. "We'll never get out!"

 "Hey!" Puppy hissed. "Think on the bright side!"

 "Puppy. I can't see jack right now." Uni snorted. "Tell the bright side to come to us!"

 "..'Kay, then." Puppy raised an eyebrow. 

 "Okay, so. We're trapped in a Chuck-E'-Cheese type rip-off." Kassiden sneered, nonchalantly staring through the smudged glass, which was slick with sweat, riddled with marks from sticky fingers. He narrowed his eyes. "Kids these days.." 

  "Oh, please." Kyrus retorted, walking over to Kassiden. "You're still technically a kid in terms of human age." 

  "Burn." Chief commented. 

  "Kyrus, you just--" Asmodeous began, warily staring at the seemingly calm Kassiden. 

 In a split second, with absolutely no warning whatsoever, Kassiden had jumped onto a table, leaped off, and slammed the heel of his foot onto Kyrus's head with an Axe kick that shook the pizzeria. Kyrus was knocked out in an instant. 

 "Dang it, Kassiden." Nunya hissed. "Quit blowing holes in our ships!" 

 "Kassiden, shoosh." Nunya whispered, shooshing and hugging his arm so tightly that he thought his blood circulation was going to get cut off. "Shooosh." 

 "Nunya, I'll shave your eyebrows, again." Asmodeous hissed, advancing towards the considerably taller girl. 

 "NOOO!!!" Nunya squealed, only tightening her grip on her prize like a vice. "Noooo, don't, Asmeow. Nooooo. You're just jealous, Asmeow. Noooooo." 

 Before Asmodeous could move a muscle to pry the invading threat from Kassiden's arm, the red-eyed antagonist had pulled Nunya up by the back of her high collared shirt, and had held her up by at least half a foot from the ground, so that they were eye to eye, their noses an inch apart. 

 "Dang it. Kassiden, calm down." Asmodeous walked over, and had managed to pry Kassiden's fingers apart. She was a bit bewildered at how loose his grip was, despite his anger. She speculated it was because of how tired he was. 

 Whilst the mob of people continued to maraude the door, Radii burst out with a suggestion. 

 "Hey! Let's find some back door or something to get out!" 

 "Uhm . . . " Spy glanced around the dim halls, which were covered in drawings made by children. "What about down there?" 

 Before he could say anything, Spy felt his arms being tugged at, before he was yanked down to the floor entirely, both of his arms held by Nunya and Radii as he was dragged across the carpet down to cross into the tile hallway. Lockjaw and Kassiden glanced at each other, skeptical. 

 "Uh, sure." Diamond spoke up. "C'mon, gang." 

 Chapter 3 :: "Probably the most idiotic move. Ever." 

 "This is stupid." Kassiden hissed quietly, rolling his eyes as Lockjaw was draped over his back, sleeping the time away. 

 "Shut up, quit complaining." Kyrus snarled harshly, running his hand through his hair and occasionally rubbing the spot where Kassiden had nearly caved in his head. 

 "YOU try carrying this--" Kassiden paused, then continued. "This LITTLE MONSTER on YOUR back!" At this point, his voice had raised into his normal, half loud voice. 

 "Guys, shoosh." Trigara murmured to them, softly. 


   'Anyway, I'll probably update this in like, I don't even know how long. 

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