Have you heard about Five nights at Freddy's? This is Animal Jam version! Mira is Freddy (Frira) Rosy Thefox is security (I'll just call her Rosy.) Graham is Bonnie (Bonnham), the new dolphin alpha Tavie is Chica (Chavie) and Cosmo is Foxy (Cosmy). Oh and Liza is Mangle (Lizangle) and Springtrap is Greely (Greeltrap or Springly). (This is FNAF, FNAF 2 AND FNAF 3.)

Rosy was looking at the cameras. No alphamatronics. But she didn't see Bonnham on the cams and he popped up and jumpscared her. A fast game over. She tried again and this time she saw Greeltrap/Springly on the cam. He looks so creepy she said and wish she never saw him on the cam. She saw a shadow behind her and... flash! Game over. Springly was behind her and she didn't see it. On the next try,  Springly was in her face. His body was even more broken robot-zombie like and in the next moment she had turned into a girl Greeltrap. Greeltrap/Springly said: Welcome to the world of evil, Rosy! Or should I say... Rosetrap? Mwahahaha!

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