Goodbye, Flash, I sighed, replacing him with another wolf named Ominy, who has blue fur and a blue mohawk. He sings and is a DJ. So, I said goodbye to Flash and welcomed Ominy. He is a lot cooler and had a couple tattoos down his legs, but nothing too crazy or gross. He proudly stood on his little pedestal, posing, representing me. He smiled gently and sighed as a shaft of sunlight caught his fur. He was quite a sight to behold, but I had to go to bed by then.

I awoke in an empty gray room with a single chair. I knew that this was a dream, but I felt powerless to control it. I knew what would happen next. I sat on the chair. A burst of smoke erupted in the center of the room.

"Why??" Flash appeared before me, on all fours. His eyes were squinty and black. "WHY??" He reared up and shook me with his paws. He was furious, there was no doubt about that. He was huffing.

"I'm sorry," I replied, looking him in his empty eyes. I was not afraid of him. I would not be afraid of him. "I simply found a better friend." Flash jumped back in rage, his eyes oozing a sickly purple color. "I don't need you anymore," I said. "Ominy is better than you," I growled defiantly. All of the sudden, Flash reared up on his hind legs, so high that his shadow stretched across the gray room, covering me and the chair. It withered and collapsed, leaving me and the damaged but still intact chair cowering against the wall. I knew I had gone too far.

Flash let out a shriek, starting very high and ending very low and hoarse. He dove for me, so I managed to fumble around with the shrunken chair to defend myself. I drove the it into his wide open mouth. He howled with fury. I felt as if I was shrinking, or had he grown?? He swallowed the chair whole.

"That will be you next," he hissed. I could smell his breath, minty and frosty and cold. He drew closer, 'ketchup' dripping from his mouth. All of the sudden, a battle cry erupted as Ominy crashed through the wall, knocking over Flash. I felt like hiding in the corner as the two wolves fought, blood flying everywhere. Go Ominy!! I silently cheered in my mind, praying that he will win. Ominy managed to get hold of Flash's neck, but Flash seemed to grow in size. The tiny Ominy helplessly slid off Flash's neck, too small to bite. Ominy seemed to be a pup compared to the bloody creature standing next to it.

I flew myself at the gaping hole in the wall, managing to escape the tiny room into a gray hallway. I looked back in time to spot Ominy about to charge after me. As he leaped through the whole, Flash appeared, his jaws closing around Ominy. I looked away and kept on running, Flash hot on my trail. All of the sudden, the ground before me began to cave away, revealing a white void. I turned around. Flash had become invisible except for a white outline of his fur, eyes, and mouth, almost like a drawing. He hurtled towards me, the ground falling away beneath our feet.

Flash reached me. I dodged his jaws just in time, jumping off the platform. However, Flash was quick to react and snapped me up before I got out of his reach.

"You will not escape me," he grunted as he swallowed.

I woke up. when I got onto my computer, Flash was once again at his place, grinning stupidly at me. He burped, a spot of blood flying from his mouth.

When I accessed my computer's files, Ominy was there, his head facing towards me, his mouth wide open as if he were to scream, when I shut down my computer.


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