" Alvin,.. " I said moving my animal around silently. " Yeah, William? You sound like a ghost is in the room " He said laughing. " Thats not the thing " I muttered scratching my brown hair. " Yeah, What " He said clicking. I could tell he was playing Animal Jam. I heard the sound of a trade accept. " Aw yeah! I got a long purple, go on " He said clicking again. " Well... Your going to think i'm imagining things.. " I said " Go on William! " I swallowed, it felt like I had gravel shoved down my throat. " My Animal has slits on its legs, it looks like my animal is, cutting " Alvin quit the call suddenly. I was left there staring at the computer. " What the hell " I muttered. The next day Alvin was on skype. I sent him a call request, he answered. " Why'd ya hang yesterday " I said glancing at him through the screen, Alvin froze and went pale. " You see, My animal looked like it was slitting too.. " He stammered. I nodded. " Lets put it behind us " I said, I went to my den and made my animal sleep on a couch. This time I didnt go afk, I watched to see how my animal was slitted. A weird wolf came into my den, I pressed his card, there were bald sinister red text under. " Whose looking at my card? Non other than Neonpancakes,.. " " In the flesh, " I joked. The wolf stopped and equipped a knife, he slit my animals legs. I stared in horror. My screen then went black. Sinister white words were on the screen. " You have been removed for overpopulation, Therefore, the Fleshwound killed your animal "

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