Chapter 1: Fly

Flight. A human's dream, and a bird's life. Wings made it possible to fly away from your troubles, and leave them on the ground. The eagle flew around the Forgotten Desert, looking for shards. Enchanted flew higher and higher, feeling the wind in her feathers. Jamaa grew smaller and smaller below her, until it seemed like a doll's city.

Enchanted spread her wings as wide as possible and flew away from Jamaa. Higher. Further. Closing her eyes, she breathed in unfamiliar air. Watching the ground below for a place to land, Enchanted wondered if other animals dreamt of flying. Eventually she found a tropical rainforest, and decided to rest there. She circled the jungle, scanning the land for a gap.

Aha! She thought, spotting a waterfall. Water and a gorgeous place to rest! Suddenly, she felt herself falling. Enchanted flapped her wings uselessly. A shard from the Forgotten Desert fell from her feathers. "Why can't I fly? Hang on... How do I fly? Oh no! I forgot how to fly!" she screeched. Fortunately, water was directly below her.

Chapter 2: A Tiger's Friendship

Splash! Enchanted landed in the water. "Is the water cold enough for ya?" A voice called nearby. Shivering, Enchanted rose to the surface and looked around. "Hello? Who was that? Show yourself!" She yelled. A large figure rose from the bush right in front of her, and Enchanted found herself looking into the face of a tiger.

"Eek! T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-" Enchanted gasped, scared of the big cat.

"T-t-tiger?" He finished for her. "You lost? Why don't you just fly? Hang on... Why do you look like a cartoon?" Enchanted looked at him, embarrassed. "I kinda, maybe, sorta... Forgot how to fly. While I was in mid-air." The tiger burst out laughing. An eagle who forgot how to fly! Wow! "Not funny." The white and blue eagle mumbled. "Hey, do you know where a place called "Jamaa" is? This weird blue crane thing asked me to go there."

"I live there! But... I am lost." Enchanted said. "Wait, I never got your name. Mine is Enchanted. Your name is?" "George. Hey, why don't we go to Jamaa together!?" George exclaimed. Enchanted agreed, and they set off towards where they guessed Jamaa was.

Chapter 3: Phantom!

"Get down! Phantom!" Enchanted suddenly hissed, pulling George down behind a bush. George tilted his head. "What's a phantom?" He asked, poking his head up. "Woah! What's that cartoony floating spider thing?" Enchanted sighed. "That's a phantom. They are evil, and you just alerted it. Run!"

The duo ran for their lives as the phantom alerted other phantoms and started chasing them. "Mmm... Blueberry..." George said while standing still, mouth full. Enchanted slapped the tiger's paw away from the bush and kept running. "Oh no. Dead end!"

Ahead of them was a cliff. It was possible to get down if you went really slowly and carefully, but there was no time for that. George snarled, then leaped at a phantom. He gave it a defiant stare, and quickly closed his jaws around it. The phantom immediately turned into a puff of smoke. "What the stripes?" George gasped, pausing for a moment, but quickly resumed the battle. The shocked eagle joined him.

Wrong Way

"You were awesome out there, George." Enchanted smiled once they reached the bottom of the cliff. "Oh come on, a hill?" The tired animals slowly trudged up the hill. George sighed, tired of the travel. Enchanted heard, and suggested they rest at the top. The sleepy tiger nodded.

"Where are you going? Jamaa is that way!" A large blue crane pointed towards the direction they had just come from. George rolled his eyes. "Don't send us the wrong way." Enchanted followed the bird's wing, and groaned. "No, she is right. Look." The tiger looked at the faraway land, then glared at Enchanted, angry that she sent them the wrong way.

Suddenly, the crane squawked and pecked the eagle's leg. Surprised, Enchanted flew up into the air with a screech. A silver shard of crystal from the adventure dropped. 'Hey look, I can fly! Those crystals are weird, making me flightless!" Forgetting about the others, Enchanted flew towards Jamaa.

"Slow down!" The eagle looked down her talons, eyes widening with shock. She was somehow carrying George! "How am I...?" She started, then shook her head and sped towards Jamaa.

Welcome to Jamaa!

"Welcome to Jamaa! I'm Peck. Let me show you around!" Enchanted stared at George as he transformed into the classic cartoon tiger. George winked at Enchanted. It became an emote above his head. Enchanted gasped, and left Peck with the tiger.

A few hours later...

"Hey Enchanted!" Enchanted and George both sat up at the voice.

"Oh, hey Little!" Enchanted grinned at the owl, waving.

"I'm bored. Wanna play The Forgotten Desert?" Enchanted shuddered, remembering her flightless day because of a crystal shard. The tiger and the eagle took one look at each other, and said together: "No!"

I hope you enjoyed the story! Sorry if it was a little rushed. -CatQueen

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