It was a normal day in Animal Jam, and I logged on and saw the usual scammers, party planners, traders, "I got scammed\hacked." people, and fake Fman122s. Now one fake Fman122 stood out. He had a red white and black pattern like Fman122 did, but his was a deep red, like blood red, coal black and vanilla white. The colors all looked so realistic, that it looked crazy! He didn't look so fake. In fact, he looked different. I went up to him and asked, "How do your colors look so real?"

"Oh, you don't want to know." Was his crazy response. "Yes I do." I typed back. "Ok, you will be the example." He said.

"Ok..." I typed back nervosly. He Jam-A-Gramed me something that syaid, "My den, that's where the excitement will begin." I was puzzled. He was a Non Member! Non Members couldn't type their own messages! Since I hadn't logged on in a while, I thought it was a new update. " Ok." I sent back in a Jam-A-Gram. I went to his den and saw that his den looked different. You know the Plaque that you can win, like the Artist Plaque, or the Howl Plaque? Like those, he had TONS of those in his den. But again, they were different. They had animal heads, like you know those deer heads they have? Yeah, like those, only they had Animal Jam animal heads. "Ugh." I said outloud. But they had blood circles around them. I thought that was a new update. But the blood? What the heck, I thought this was a kid's game! The wolf said: "Today you will become one of those animals." Umm." I typed in the chat bar. "I thought you said you wanted to see where those colors came from." The wolf said.

"Err, ok." I typed. He said "Lay on the table."

"Ok." I typed. I made the sleep action on the Small Table, which was the only piece of furniture in his den. Then he took out a knife, which he used cut my animal's head off. My chat bar was grey, and I couldn't make Emotions. "WHAT THE HECK!?" I screamed in real life. My mom heard and said, "Keep it down!" "Ok!" I yelled back. Then I saw my Arctic Wolf's legs getting ripped off. I thought: "WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?!?!? I THOUGHT THIS WAS A KID'S GAME!" Then the creepy wolf said, " Now you know why I told you you didn't want to know! No regrets! Just the way of the real Fman122!"

The next day I logged on, I typed up the wolf's username: TherealFman122ishere. The grey tiger popped up. "Yes!" I said. He was banned! He must've hacked the servers and gotten to write his own Jam-A-Grams and added those creepy features! I had all my animals except my Arctic Wolf, but I didn't care. It was normal again! The End.

Btw this was my first Creepypasta, I hope you liked it!