This is based heavily off of TechSaur's story, Wires

The Beginning

Many, many years ago, an animal was released. It was an antlered wolf, and their alpha was a she-antlered wolf, Callie, which is me. We were made so that the wars between wolves and deer would cease, but they only made problems worse. Other animals hated the fact that antler wolves always tried to make peace, were vegetarians, and wouldn't participate in wars. All the alphas except for Greely, Sigurd, and Callie were against us.

"They always try find a peaceful and sneaky way to solve problems. It totally wastes my karate skills!!" Peck complained loudly. 

"They tell me to keep my boom-seeds under close supervision so no jammer gets hurt," Cosmo groaned.

"They're cuter than my pandas!!" Liza roared. Peck nodded gleefully.

"Now, let's find a peaceful solu-" I whispered timidly.

"SHUTYOURYAPPER!!"  All the other Alphas cried, a shower of spit raining down.  Sir Gilbert grabbed me and covered my mouth.  The alphas huddled together and whispered to each other.  They finally pulled away, Greely and Sigurd frowning, clearly upset.

"We have decided to ban you from Jamaa.  Your friends here tried to argue against us, but it was all us against 2.  We will give you 2 days to leave.  If any of you stays, you will be driven out by everything but wolves and deer," Liza cackled.  "No arguing, or else we will kill ALL of your little friends."  I nodded solemnly.  "You will not take any food or water with you." Liza and the other alphas except for Greely and Sigurd laughed, their shadows taking the form of a splotch of blood.

Moving Out

I sorrowfully told the others what happened, her tail drooping sadly.  All the antlered wolves cried for half of the first day, then ate as much berries and grass and water as possible.  They said farewell to their friends, tried to get a good night's sleep and started eating more once the 2nd day started.  At the evening, all the alphas had gathered to bid farewell.

"I wish you bad luck," Growled Peck.  "My karate is totally wasted."

"I hope you DIE," Sir Gilbert roared.

"I hope ya all die slowly and painfully," Liza hissed.  She grabbed my tail and ripped it.

"I... I... Good luck," Sigurd stammered, tears pouring down his face.  He leaned down and... well... too good to say.  

"I wish you a happy life..." Greely moaned.  He lifted my paw with his and... uh... you know.

"Thank you.  I won't forget you!!" I cried.  I licked them both.

We left Jamaa, traveling into the unknown.

Dat Unknown Doe...

The unknown's terrible!!  It's a place with burning deserts and freezing mountains!!


It's been years since we were banished.  Oh Mira!!  I think I can see my jawbone!!  It's all whitish and gross!!  Yuck!!  My tongue has completely wasted away, so I replaced it with a long robotic metal bar I found.  My back left leg is all bone.  I've become an engineer now.  We're all cyborgs now.  I can only replace tongues, ears, throats, and paws.  Nothing else.  We all look terrible, but we have survived.  OMZ (Oh my Zios)!!  My tail is just a trail of bones held together by some flesh!!  Oh Mira, help us.... we really need help... no one has died yet, though.  Oops!!  I think my eye just fell out!!  I found a piece of glass.  I can see my reflection.


  1. I'm missing an eye.
  2. My back-left leg is all gone
  3. My tail is just some bones connected magically
  4. Both of my ears are robotic
  5. I'm almost hairless
  6. My antlers are all cracked
  7. Anything robotic can stretch and grab.
  8. My lower jaw is just a bone.
  9. My throat is robotic
  10. I can see my spine poking from the lower part of my back

I'm Back

I hear my Great-Grandma calling me...

"Come towards the light..."

NO!!  I can't leave my friends!!  Still, my paws paddle towards the voice.

"Come into my arms..."

NO!!  Unless I can bring my friends...  I call up my herd/pack, and they all agree to follow me.

"Come to my marshmallow chocolate cupcake waffle ice cream..."

Wait, WUT!!  I race towards the light.  Into a tunnel.  Over a river.  My friends follow eagerly.  I'm breathless now.  Suddenly, I burst into the light of Jamaa Township.


   A bunny saw the antler wolves.  "WUT ARE THOSE?!" he cried

I thirstily drank some water from a stream, water falling through my jaw.  My friends happily drank the water, then ate berries and grass.  Crowds of jammers came to stare at us.  We didn't mind.  Suddenly, the Alphas appeared.  "WHAT ARE THOSE!?" Liza cried.  Oh yeah.  We're so shredded they can't recognize us anymore.

" KKKK nice BLAAAA see you *crackle* HIIISSSS BEEP BOOP," I rumbled.  My robotic voice box was broken.  "Rememb- BEEP *crackle* BEEP BOOP uuSSSSSS?" I barked distortedly.

" Who are you?" Peck asked boldly.  Liza growled at Peck to be polite.

"Antl-BEEP *crackle* HISSSS-olves," I answered.  I pawed at my robo-throat.  Gasps were heard among the crowd.  "I BEEP *crackle* Calli-HISSSSS."  More gasps.  Many have heard about us.

"We thought you had died, but apparently it seems as though you lived," Sir Gilbert growled.  I nodded, squeaking.

"We BEEP *crackle* HISSSS never died BOOP," I explained.  "We HISSSSS became toughe-BOOP."  The Alphas pawed the ground nervously.  "Pea-BEEP-ce?" I offer.  The Alphas were clearly scared by our powerful robot parts.  They nodded.

The End

I pawed happily at the ground, my people back to where they should be.  I lay down on the ground, and... died.  You see, I only lived so long.  I think I've lived an honorable life, and now my spirit still is here, but you never hear of me.  As for my people, now they're just wolves with robotic parts and antlers, which is fine.  We're feared and respected, and we are happy again.  Except for me.

Nobody bothered burying my body.  Liza kicked my body.

Liza is still out to get us.

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