Kiara James woke up to an unpleasant, lazy morning. Summer had ended, leaving the worst thing ever to come.

High School.

She tried not to think about it so much, especially since she was supposed to start fresh. A whole new her.

That was not how it went.

The bus came early, like every first day of school. Her best friend, Eleven Foster, was waiting for her. Eleven had one blind eye, and she was always shy. "Hey," she said quietly as Kiara sat next to her.

"Is something wrong?" Kiara asked, concerned.

"My eye- there's- something wrong with it. The other one."

"What is it?"

"The doctor told me...that I would be blind in this one too." Eleven stared at her shoes.

Kiara didn't dare say a word. What was she supposed to say, anyways? That sure, Eleven was going to be forever blind? Or maybe that she still had hope? She was tired of giving pathetic answers. Last year, she always reassured people that everything was going to be okay. Either that, or she agreed that their misfortune was to become true. But she hoped that this year she wouldn't make that mistake again.

Four students at Shugore High school were totally different. That diversity was to lead them to their fates. Kiara James, Eleven Foster, Leo Fantra, and Jonas Flint.

This is their story.

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