The thought of free membership, had always excited me for days. I kept bugging my mom and dad if I can at least have one month membership, yet they always say no. I've been on free member accounts, but I either get logged out, or some idiot suspended it. I've tried membership generators, but most of the time they don't work at ALL.

Having no membership always annoyed me. I mean, all of the cool AJ items are for members only! It just isn't fair. I always get kicked out of fashion shows, parties, and the like just because I'm a NON-MEMBER! It happens every time! I try adopting "kids" but, guess what? "members only srry" is always their reply. I headed to Jamaa Township and found this New Jammer wolf that was surprisingly, a member?!

A chat bubble appeared over him, and it said, "OMG OMG I GOT FREE MEMBERSHIP!" I raised a brow. Free membership? I thought. I moved my wolf over to where he was and typed in, "how did u get free membership???" He said, "i tried out this working generator if u want i will tell u the download link go to my den"

I went to his den, which was a Sol Arcade den, which obviously was new since there isn't any items and the music was just the regular AJ Melody.

He arrived at his den and said, "go to and download it". Normally, I don't really download anything random from the Internet, but, it sounded promising. I logged out and went to the website. I scrolled down to the comment section, and there was only one comment. It read, "don't download it". I didn't listen, so I just clicked the download button. For a .exe file, it was pretty fast to download. I opened it up.

What I saw horrified me. Instead of two boxes to fill out my username and password, it was a video of me. Oh my god... I thought. It was filmed behind me, and in the corner was a man, smiling maniacally. I tried to shut it off, but it won't even budge! I was forced to watch what would happen next. The man got out of his spot and started moving slowly towards me. I was scared. And petrified.

I felt a small pain in my back, as it slowly got bigger and bigger. Black spots were dancing in front of my eyes, and everything I ever knew was black. I swear the last thing I saw was the same man from the video.


12 year old girl found dead in house during the night of March 27. Policemen are now on the case.

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