"Download now!" (Note that all usernames below are fake and completely random!)

Chapter 1

A person from AJHQ, fired. Reason, unknown. Possibly for making hacks for users to get free stuff. He was very angry. When he was fired. He wanted revenge. Then, he opened up a super-advanced hack program. In a few hours, freemembership.exe was born. He posted it everywhere and paid websites to advertise about it. For a few weeks, no one from Animal Jam found it. Until one player saw the ad and clicked on it. When he clicked, it was very poorly made. The entire screen was black and it only had a few words saying, "FREE ANIMAL JAM MEMBERSHIP. FREEMEMBERSHIP.EXE". Below the words was the download button. Below the download button was the words, "12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP AFTER DOWNLOAD." The player, which was a 9 year old was convinced and downloaded it. Then, a program appeared which looked slightly better then the advertising site. It was a small window. It had a 12 month membership option checked off. The backround was Jamaa Township with many different animals dancing. There was a box to type in your username to confirm. Also, there was a box checked off for 100 diamonds and 500,000 gems. The little boy typed in his username, "CoolArcticClaw". Then he clicked on, confirm. After a few minutes, he logged in and he had membership, 100 diamonds and 500,000 gems. After that, he was so happy that he shared it with his friends. Soon, all of Animal Jam heard of this program. But still, the HQ has not caught up to it...

Chapter 2

The person who created this was very proud of this. 6 months passed by when he first launched it. AJHQ has still not discovered it! Or at least he thought. Then, when he tried to open his program a error would occur and say, 'You do not have access to this file or it has been deleted." He was confused. After that, he got on Animal Jam on a non member account. Many people were angry that freemembership.exe wasn't working. Then, Animal Jam had a update that made everyone log off. But the man hacked the game so he wouldn't logged off. After all of the regular players were gone, moderator accounts appeared to check if there were no players. The man's animal hid in the tree but the moderators have a special hi-tech device that detects non-moderators. When they were trying to kick him out, their computers would crash. Then, more moderators with higher authority tried to stop him. Their computers also crashed. Then finally, the admins came on. When he was trying to make their computers crash, his computer crashed instead. Karma! After it rebooted, the freemembership.exe was replaced by a document. He opened it and it said this, "You have created a hack after we fired you! Now we hacked your computer so you are unable to open your hacking programs. You are also BANNED from the Animal Jam website. When you try to open the site, it lead you back to your homepage. Stay off our site and our players!" He was mad. He wanted to kill someone. But instead, he did something else. He borrowed his friends' computer. He then hacked the game and when someone logged in, freemembership.exe would download automatically. But now, instead of giving free membership, it did something horrible.

Chapter 3

CoolArcticClaw logged in with freemembership.exe already downloaded. The game picked a server for him. The server was Aldan. When he was in, his arctic wolf looked like Fman. EVERYONE looked like Fman. Everyone was confused. When he tried to change his color, the only colors there were was black, red and white. Also, they only had the fire pattern. Jamaa Township then changed into a night scene. Then, the alpha Liza appeared. She had a gun in her hand. She shooted jammers. She then shooted CoolArcticClaw's arctic wolf. When that happen, words appeared on the screen saying, "YOUR ANIMAL IS DEAD." Then, the entire screen went black. He started to shake and click out, but it wouldn't. Then a picture of his arctic wolf appeared, it was covered in blood and organs. Then the program freemembership.exe appeared. It downloaded a trojan on his computer, then he got the blue screen of death. This happened to everyone who logged into Animal Jam. AJHQ saw this and patched it up. The man who made freemembership.exe got arrested. His punishment is unknown.

Chapter 4

Animal Jam did a good job covering this up. The people who logged in during the hack were back, and AJHQ required them to never speak of it. Today, no one ever reminds anyone else about it. CoolArcticClaw today doesn't play Animal Jam anymore. But the story is still in his head. The program, however, is still up and anyone can download it. Today, a few people download it and log into Animal Jam with it. They get automatically banned forever. If they make new accounts and log in, they get sent into a secret room. The program is opened up and it says, "This is freemembership.exe. You will be cursed in the game forever." The player gets logged off and it no longer allowed on the website like the man.

Freemembership.exe still exists.

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