Chapter 1:The Invention

"Phineas, Whatcha doin'?" Isabella said
"We are working on are new invention" Phineas replied
"Ooh what does it do?" Gretchen said
"It will teleport anywhere" Phineas said
"Even the City of Love?"Isabella asked
"Probably so." Phineas replied
*A few hours later*
"What the?!"Phineas said
"What is it Phineas?"Isabella asked
"We are animals!"Phineas replied
"How did this happen?"Ferb said
"Remember when a random light hit us?" Balijeet said
"Oh yeah and nothing happened!" Phineas replied
"What is this new place, it doesn't look like Danville." Ferb said
"Hello my name is Liza, I am a Alpha of Animal Jam." Liza said
"Uhm hi, my name is.... is.... Uh Phineas Icywolf, and these are my friends, BellaTheRabbit, Buford Majorclaw, Ferb Magicfriend and Jeet Rainyghost." Phineas said
"New to Jamaa? Let me show you around, you need to meet the Alphas, and beware of Phantoms." Liza said
*A few hours later*
"Hiya, my name is Peck the Rabbit Alpha, Would you like a tour of Jamaa?" Peck said
"Uhm sure, I have a question though." Phineas said
"What is it?." Peck replied
"Where is the way to Danville, and why are we animals?" Phineas asked
"Funny joke, Phineas Icywolf! The answer is.. there is no Danville! and you have always been animals, By the way, great joke!"Peck replied
"Uhm, I am not kidding!"Phineas said
"You aren't?, wait you are tricking me! Haha you almost got me there." Peck said
"Uhm, I am gonna go to my.... my... my... uh house, I mean den whatever." Phineas said
*10 seconds later at Phineas's den*
"Guys, something wrong has happened, what should we do?" Phineas said
"Hmm, maybe we should try to blend in with the other animals until we can find out what happened."Isabella replied
"Really? That's stupid, walk around be nice blah blah blah, I can't do that! I am a bully, it is aganist the Bully Code." Buford said
"Um it won't work, the chances of nobody knowing is 10%, Isabella." Baljeet said

Chapter 2:Blending in with the Crowd

"Just act normal, don't do anything strange." Isabella said

"Hey what's with that bunny dancing?" Buford said

  • All the Jammers stare at Buford*

"Uh he means why don't some rabbits dance... heh." Isabella said

  • A few minutes later*
  • They look over and see a crowd, they walk over to see what it is*

"Greely I am your biggest fan!" A rabbit screamed

"Greely, why do you act so mysterious?" A monkey asks

  • They look over and see a big wolf*

"Who is that wolf?"Isabella said

"He is Greely! hardly anyone sees him because he is studying about Phantoms!" A seal said

"What are phantoms?"Isabella whispered to Baljeet

"I have no clue, but what I have heard, they look kinda like spiders"Baljeet answers

"Oh, I hate spiders." Isabella said

  • They hear a gasp, Jammers start to panic*


"Greely, how do we stop them?" Ferb asks

"Throw Boom Seeds at them, that will destroy them!" Greely replies

  • Hours later*

"Phew, that is over, now we need to get back home" Phineas said

"Soon your mom is going to make pie!" Buford said

  • Isabella stares at him*

"And we need to get home... heh" Buford said

"Whatever" Isabella replies
"Soon it will be night! our parents will be looking for us!" Phineas said
"Yeah." Ferb said
Meanwhile at Phineas's house
"Where are Phineas and his friends? Shouldn't they be working on there invention now." Candace said
*Hours later*
"Hmm." Candace said
*She steps on a button, a random light hits her*
"What the? I am a spider?, Phineas and Ferb!" Candace said
*Candace finds Jamaa*
"Oh my gosh, what's with all these phantoms showing up today?" BellatheBunny said:
"Oh that's what I am a Phantom!" Candace thought
"That's no Phantom." Ferb said
"It's Candace!, you got shot by the ray too?" Phineas said
"Yeah, I thought it was you guys who did it." Candace replied
"We have no clue how it happened." Phineas said

Chapter 3:The Phantom King

The clouds had covered up the sun in Jamaa, it was dark and cold, all the Jammers knew the Phantom King was coming, Phineas and his friends were still trying to escape, they had no idea what was going on.

"Hey animals, what's with the clouds?"Buford asks

"It's the Phantom King, he is coming!"A rabbit screams

  • Dun dun dun dun*

"He is here." Ferb said

"Hahaha I rule the Tri-State area!" Heinz Doofenshmirtz said

(Everything is quiet)

"Oh wait, why are these animals? is the O.W.C.A?" Heinz Doofenshmirtz said

"Um? none of us have a clue what O.W.C.A is" A seal said

"Well then I rule the Animal-State area!, I will be your ruler Heinz Phantomshmirtz!" Heinz Doofenshmirtz said

"We already have rulers, the alphas and Mira and Zios." A wolf said

"Well look." Heinz Phantomshmirtz said

  • He points at the alphas in the cage*

"We already searched for those, the phantoms happened to already kill zios, and I think I ate Mira, I was eating animal crackers, the phantoms said that they turned her into Animal Crackers, well I think that's what they said, I can't understand them" Heinz Phantomshmirtz said

"There is only 12% of being able to talk to Phantoms" Baljeet said

"Well shut up!" Heinz Phantomshmirtz said

"Only I can tell him to shut up!" Buford yells

  • A few hours later*
  • Tons of phantoms are on the ground at Jamaa Township, Heinz Phantomshmirtz left his cape, all the animals were cleaning up*

"Ugh this is horrible, cleaning up all this mess, we would be eating pie right now." Candace said

"Candace, you find the way home, we will stay here, help the animals clean, and don't let the Phantoms spot you" Phineas said

"But... Phineas, you won't be safe, you need someone with you." Candace said

"No! go Candace, just go!" Phineas said

"This must be another special whatever, he is yelling at his sister" Buford said

"I guess, I will just go.." Candace said

  • She walks off slowly*

Chapter 4:Searching for the way home

(It was dark, the grass was really tall, she could hide her self, but it was more dangerous, there was phantoms on each side, they couldn't see her but if she took a wrong turn, she would be in trouble, she wished she didn't leave, she knew something bad would happen, she said she was going to leave, but she went to spy on the phantoms, and find the way home.)     "Ugh, the phantoms know I am with the Animals because I was with them whenever the battle happened, so now they will be after me if the do see me"Candace thought

  • She stops walking, she hears somebody talking, she listens*

"Phantomshmirtz, the animals got the message, they believe that we won't attack, the spy is still there"A phantom said

"Good good, they don't think you guys can talk, at first I didn't understand you, until I got this Phantom Mask, and she will get promoted for spying so well, the Alphas are still worrying about the poor poor jammers." Phantomshmirtz replied

  • He points at Peck, Graham, Liza, and Greely*

"The jammers, they will be lost without us!" Liza said

"I will miss all those laughes, jokes, and painting with buddies."Peck said

"And being so heroic and scaring off phantoms"Greely said

"And studying gems!" Graham said

"Hey Graham and Greely, IS THAT ALL YOU CARE ABOUT?, oops.." Candace screamed

"Hey look it's that phantom with orange hair! go get her!, and contact Eternal Grandeagle before they find out she is the spy!"Heinz Phantomshmirtz said

Chapter 5:On the path to Jamaa

(She was running, she had made it back, but when she was there, nobody was there, they had been captured, she was too late, she saw a few animals hiding in there houses, but there was Phantoms everywhere, she didn't see Phineas or his friends anywhere, she looks over and sees Phineas, and his friends riding on a  Eagle)

"Hey, come on Candace, Eternal is taking us back home!" Phineas said

(Candace knew that was the spy, she was capturing them, but they had no clue)

"Phineas! She is evil!"Candace said

"What? she is Mevil? that isn't a word!" Phineas replied

"She i--"

  • They are out of sight, they had been captured*

"I am going to save them!" Candace said

(She runs after them, she hides in the tall grass AGAIN, she looks over there at sees the Eagle, she steps on a stick, they turn around, she runs out of the tall grass, and starts to try to fight, she unlocks the Jammers and Phineas and his friends)

"Go! the portal back to Danville is on the left path!, I will try to make it, if possible, and you Jammers, go to the right path for Jamaa!"Candace yells

  • Phineas and his friends run towards the portal and Doofenshmirtz jumps in the Portal before they can and the portal shuts, the Jammers run back to Jamaa, and Phineas, his friends and Candace follows them*

Chapter 6:Back at Jamaa

(They were building a portal to send them back home, but they aren't sure they are safe yet)

"Hey Phineas what would happen if we left out this screw?"Candace asked

"Not sure, but we can't leave out one piece." Phineas said

"But we are missing a few pieces, we will need to find them" Candace replied

"Okay, Ferb and you can stay here, Me, Isabella, Baljeet and Buford will go find those pieces" Phineas said

"How can we help?" Peck asks

"You guys can help by guarding the portal." Phineas said

"Okay, sounds good to me" Liza said

"And Greely, where can we find these pieces?" Phineas asks

"You could probably find the screw in a cave at Coral Canyons" Greely said

"Okay Greely, Come on guys, lets go!" Phineas said

"Coming!" Isabella said

"Hopefully this isn't far." Buford said

"Hopefully I can study stuff in the cave!"Baljeet said

"You probably could Baljeet, and Buford it won' be long, it's not that far at all" Greely said

"Okay." Buford said

"Yay!" Baljeet said

Chapter 7: At the Phantoms Camp

"There is no one to lead us anymore, because Heinz Phantomshmirtz left"A Phantom said

"We will need a new leader, there is only one to lead us, Eternal Grandeagle, we need to give her the phantom mask." A different phantom said

(Hours later)

"We must prepare for an attack."Eternal Grandeagle said

"Get the Phantom Armor!"A Phantom said

(10 seconds later)

"Here you go" Another phantom said.

Chapter 8: The Battle

  • Ferb hears marching*

"They are back" Ferb said

"Oh no, and Phineas is gone this time, we don't stand a chance!" Candace said

(Hours later)

"No!... ferb" Candace screamed

  • She looks at Ferb, on the ground, dead, she covers up her face, and bursts out in tears*

"Ferb..."Candace said


"Guys! I think I found that screw!"Phineas said

"That means..." Buford said

"We can go back home!!" Isabella said

"Yay!" Baljeet said

"But I bet we will be in trouble" Phineas said

"Yeah, our parents are probably really worried.." Isabella said

"I wonder what Ferb is doing right now" Phineas said

"I feel a disturbance in the force" Buford said

"We should get back" Baljeet said

Chapter 9:To Jamaa

"We are back!" Phineas said

  • He looks around, all the Animals are hiding in there dens, he turns, and sees Candace crying*

"What is it, Candace?" Phineas asked

"It's Ferb.... he..... died" Candace said

"No!, Ferb!." Phineas said

  • He started to cry*

"This is horrible, he was the best brother ever...." Phineas said

"He was the only one who knew where to put that screw" Buford said

"He was the only one who hardly would talk" Isabella said

"He was the only one who would save me" Candace said

  • flashback*

"I will miss you, and Phineas, and his friends, tell mom that---"

  • He dies*

"No!!!!" Candace screamed

*Flashback ends*

"He was.... so special to me" Phineas said

Chapter 10:On the way to Danville

  • They had finished there portal, they were saying goodbye and waving to there friends*

"We will miss you all!" Isabella said

"I will miss you, Graham" Baljeet said

"I will miss you, Sir Gilbert" Buford said

"We need to go, now cause we don't want the same thing to happen again" Phineas said

"Okay" Candace said

  • They all go in*

"Phineas! Where have you been?"Linda Flynn-Fletcher said

"We had got changed into animals" Phineas said

"Where is Ferb?" Linda asked

"I don't really want to talk about it...." Phineas said

"He... he---"

  • Ferb appears*

"Hello." Ferb said

  • They stare*

"Why are you staring at me?" Ferb said

"But... but... you died!" Phineas said

"That was just whenever we were animals, it didn't happen to my real self" Ferb said

"Kids! it's time for pie!" Linda said

"Mm" Isabella said

"Yay!, Finally." Buford said




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