This is a story about a penguin named Fuzzy. Fuzzy gets bullied everyday whenever she goes to school.

The Story

It was a normal day in Aldan. Monday. First day of the school week. The village brightened up bright as the sun rose. It was sunny in the countryside, where a penguin, Fuzzy lived there. The smell of lovely fruit salad drifted across the countryside. Fuzzy's mother was making it. The brown wood farm with the small cottage was exactly where Fuzzy lived. Fuzzy loved being in the countryside and living with the farm animals. She had loads of friends. Pine, Pengy and Tilly were her best friends. Every morning, she would feed the animals. She doesn't even mind going in the duck pond to feed them bread. She didn't even mind if her skirt got wet. Fuzzy's life is the best in the countryside. Except for one thing, school. School was far away from the countryside and there was a school in the countryside. All her friends went there but Fuzzy's father decided that he should move her out of the countryside and into the Aldan High School. "Breakfast time Fuzzy!" Fuzzy's mother called. "Coming!" said Fuzzy in a happy voice. "Can I feed the animals first?" she asked. "Sure!" her mother said. Fuzzy ran out to the farm. She fed all the cows, chickens, sheep, pigs and ducks. Fuzzy went back inside and ate her delicious fruit salad. "Time for school!" mother said. Fuzzy's heart thumped. She hated school. She loved the learning but not the bullying part. The bus horn beeped. Fuzzy grabbed her backpack, said bye to her mother and got on the bus.

"Its poopy penguin!" a voice said. That voice was Shina, the arctic wolf who hated penguins. TBA

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